18 1/2 Inch Arms!


I just measured my legs yesterday and ………CRAP!
I just measured them 2 weeks ago and they had already gone up 1/4 inch from about 2 weeks before….. Then I remeasured yesterday, and they went up ANOTHER 1/4 INCH. So, in 1 month they have shot up another 1/2 inch. Oh, I forgot to mention. My legs now are 26 1/2 inches.

2 Weeks Later:
I am excited because I just measured my legs again….it has only been Less Than 2 Weeks since I last measured my legs and…… They have grown another 1/2 inch. Ya, that’s right…Now they are 27 inches.. Body Weight – 211pounds And the arms are now just a little over 18 1/2 inches.
Thanks Wade and everyone

Mark Grauer
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“Wade Lightheart… a genius at formulating
training and diet programs”

Wade Lightheart has got to be one of greatest trainers in the world. In just 9 months following his training and diet protocols I’ve managed to radically transform my physique such that seasoned bodybuilder’s at my gym who I really looked up to and admired from when I first started have approached me and asked me to be their training partners. There is not one day I go to the gym and struggle to get through my workout because I’m constantly bombarded with questions regarding how I’ve transformed my physique so radically and quickly. I’m not saying this to brag, but rather to express the power of Wade’s knowledge, who happens to be a genius at formulating training and diet programs to help people achieve any goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Andrew Rudakov
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I am 18 years old and have been using your program now, getting the emails, etc. for around 3 months now. I appreciate all you do and it has gotten me to be better in the sport of rowing.  I am a D1 rower at Madison and have gained over 20 pounds of mass.  I have also dropped my 2k(the standard race for rowing) almost 10 seconds!!! I have attached my pictures. I used to weigh 195 and am now(in the picture) 217.   

Thanks so much and am glad there is someone out there that isn’t promoting steriods as the way to go, but instead is teaching how to work your ass off the real, safe, and proper way.

Zach Ellison
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I weighed in at 191.5 lbs yesterday. So far that is a gain from 182, so almost 10 lbs in 3 weeks! I havn’t checked my bodyfat % yet, but I will do that today as part of my workout. I can’t believe the changes!

I got some comments yesterday from my sister-in-law about how I am growing and filling out. It made me feel good someone noticed…. and said something about it.

Jon Durkovic
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It’s intense and I love it, I really force myself hard to keep up with the program and I never give up! The heaviest dumbells in our gym is 120lbs and my goal is to use that regularly.

I will be using them for incline press pretty soon. I used 110’s today and got 5 reps without help. The guy spotting me said I had perfect form for all 5 reps too!

That’s the most I’ve done in over a year. I’m quite happy!

Kevin Elsliger
New Brunswick Canada
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Well this is what you can look forward to if you train really hard, diet strictly and supplement properly. I started on this program Nov 1st 2006 from the primer program, at that point I was weighing in at a hefty 240 lbs at 15-17% body fat. I was really out of shape. My arms were 17 “, 36” waist and I didn’t measure anything else. As of Dec 28th (less than 2 months later), I weight 240 11% bodyfat 18 1/2′ arms (an inch and a half more) and my belt has tightend up two notches.

I have got a lot of lookers in the gym and a lot of questions as to what I’m doing….. What I’m taking (They think I’m on the sauce).

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