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Wade T. Lightheart
(3-Time Drug-Free National Bodybuilding Champion & IFBB Mr. Universe Competitor)

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P.S. Why are you giving your entire bodybuiding system away Wade? What's the catch?

There is a catch: you have to give me your email address so that I can deliver the program to you week by week, along with all the training videos, tips and recipes.

Matt and I have dreamed of the day where we could empower and educate 1 million people to a better, healthier, more holistic way of bodybuilding. NO drugs or stimulants. NO Ego gratification or dogmatic doctrines. But a simple clear pathway of self development that takes you through a process of evolution on all levels.

With our system we provide you the sets, the reps and the exercises in the workouts but more importantly we guide you with the more subtle aspects to physical development. The mental approach, the health building dietary components that not only allow you to achieve your cosmetic goals but simultaneously build your inner constitution, your ability to handle stress, and to live a more vital, fulfilled life at any age.