Wade Lightheart

Three-time Canadian National Natural Bodybuilding Champion and world renowned nutritional coach, Wade Lightheart, has helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life transform their lives by adopting his easy to follow body transformation systems. He is the co-creator of Maximum Megabolic Muscle Mastery and is routinely featured on radio, television and Internet sites as a guest expert education programs on health, fitness and nutrition have sold in over 80 countries.

Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant is a kinesiologist, personal trainer with a degree in the science of physical activity. He’s trained NHL hocker players and trained with some of the top coaches in the world including professional fighters, natural bodybuilding champions. He has co-authored several exercise manuals, and formulated several of the top supplements in the health and fitness industry.

Andy Wilkinson

Andy is our team project manager at Masszymes Inc. He’s an ex-investment banker, but don’t hold that against him! Andy makes sure all the existing parts of the business are well-oiled and running smoothly, while rolling out our new projects too.

Liza Nanquil

Liz is the Customer Support Representative for Freaky Growth. She has worked in the Customer Service field for almost 10 years and currently handles the day to day email response handling for the company. If you have any questions about an order or the product, she’s usually your first line of contact.

Michele O’Reggio

Michele manages the administration, logistics, infrastructure and details of growing online businesses, working in a long-term collaborative relationship with business owners. She gives entrepreneurs the freedom and time they need to focus on strategic activities to sustain a profitable business, do what they love best and to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

Alex Altabaev

Alex Altabaev comes to us with 10 years of application development, architecture design and management experience. Alex holds a Masters Degree in mathematics from the Cherkassy State Technological University.