Why whey is DEAD


Just hanging with my friend, Dr. Dave Lesman
in his incredible glass house right on Manhattan beach.
It’s truly incredible to be soaking up the sun, sand
and the surf only 10 minutes away from LAX.
Dr. Dave figured out how to live the good life
as a chiropractor to the stars here in LA-LA land.

Dr. Dave and I met about 5 years ago at a conference
where I was speaking on the benefits of alkalinity
and sports performance. He expressed to me how so many
of his clients had degenerative diseases like arthritis,
acid reflux, digestive disorders and other conditions
associated with too much acidity in the diet.

I shared with him my story of how I didn’t know any better
years ago when I ate nothing but whey protein as a protein
source for an entire year. He was shocked to know
that I gained 42 pounds of fat and water as soon as I came off
that insane diet. Basically, my body went into detox mode
trying to rid the body of all that dead protein. Here’s why.

Cooked meat, eggs, and dehydrated processed whey protein
are all DEAD!!! Think about it.. Tigers, lions and bears
all eat their meat while it’s still alive. Raw meat contains
an active enzyme called cathespin that digests the protein
inside it… cooking meat destroys the enzymes and
denatures the protein making it far less effective for
building muscle.

All baby animals drink milk when it’s fresh and living from
their mothers and no animal drinks any other animal’s milk.
Nor do they have it after they have been weaned. Even
Arnold stated in Pumping Iron, “Milk is for Babies”.

Then why oh why is everybody slamming dehydrated, dead,
milk proteins that have been condensed, filtered, preserved,
flavored, and cooked?


You see, whey protein that’s sold in most stores have been
so denatured, it’s considered a toxin. The initial weight
gain that occurs when people start slamming massive
amounts of whey is not because of an increase in muscle.
The weight gain happens because the digestive system
becomes inflamed, the body begins to hold water, and mucoid
plaque starts to build up in the colon which contributes to
the “bloated belly” look so common in off-season
bodybuilders and fitness girls.

Interestingly enough, this weight gain will often show up
as LBM because its not fat – it’s a continually building
level of sludge that feeds a host of nasty bacteria that
wreak havoc in your intestinal tract. These bacteria live
on undigested protein that produce toxins which can affect
your brain function, your heart, and your liver. But don’t
take my world for it – read Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward
Howell or check out the Enzyme Factor by Dr. Hiromyi Shinya.

Dr. Hiromyi Shinya, the world’s premier gastroenterologist
and endoscopic surgeon, suggests that everyone should
completely eliminate all dairy products from the diet as
this contributes to a host of degenerative conditions. He
suggests a mostly plant based diet with small amounts of
fish for optimum digestion. He also suggests drinking a
gallon of Ionized alkaline water every day – more of that
in another email. Again, don’t take my word for it — read
his book.

Anyways, whey is a highly processed dairy product that was
used to fatten animals before the supplement industry
figured out it was an easy way to make cheap protein
that could be flavoured to taste good. I know when I first
got exposed to whey protein I was so excited that I finally
had a protein that tasted good, mixed up well and could
give me massive amounts of protein (at the time I still
believed you needed massive amounts of protein to build

Anyways, as my own diet evolved from a primarily meat-based
diet to a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, I began to use more
and more whey protein. Being an extreme tester, I thought
I would put Whey protein to the ultimate test by going
full-bore on whey for a whole year. Yes, I got ripped to
shreds but I felt like S&%t, had continuous brain fog,
inflammation in my joints, tired achy muscles, and low
levels of energy. After I stopped my whey experiment, I
got super fat after my body went into metabolic meltdown

To make a long story short, I knew I needed to find a
healthier, better version of protein to get back into top

I began stacking digestive enzymes with hemp protein and
in less than 6 months, I was back to contest condition
again. The cool thing was, instead of slamming 250 grams
of whey protein everyday, I was only using 100 grams of

Not only did I look good, my skin tone went from a dull,
greyish hue to a radiant golden brown. The nasty gas fumes
that were released every time I went to the bathroom also
stopped once I was off whey for 3 months, never to be seen

The only problem was hemp tasted like dirt and the enzymes
I was taking weren’t available anymore because the company
didn’t ship to the country I lived in. Bummer.

Not to be deterred, Matt and I went out and designed the
most potent protease-loaded enzyme on the planet and we
secured the premiere source of Organic Canadian Hemp on the

We shared it with our clients and friends, and people were
blown away with the results. We even have cancer doctors
using our enzymes to reduce tumors in cancer patients.
YEP!!! They are that powerful. Once people switched to
our hemp protein, they lost all desire to eat whey after
a few weeks.

Better yet, they needed way less hemp protein than whey and
found that they got better training results and recovery.
You see, hemp is a living protein and that makes the amino
acids present much more active.

Recently, Matt and I figured out how to actually make Hemp
taste like chocolate cake and still remain super healthy,
low glycemic, and highly anabolic. In the 7 years we have
had our business I would say the new protein is perhaps our
biggest breakthrough since MassZymes.

In fact, I will boldly state that Proteinbreakthrough
protein may not only be the best tasting protein on the
market, it is most likely the healthiest protein as well.


This incredibly healthier, mouthwatering protein contains -
no fillers, no additives, uses low glycemic coconut palm
sugar as a sweetener, contains a hint of Stevia for insulin
regulation (you cannot taste it), the finest Organic Raw
Cacao on the planet from Ecuador, and the best Organic
Hemp Protein in the world from Canada.

This unique and taste bud teasing blend is blended together
into a silky smooth texture that will having you licking
the corners of your blender after every glass.

The combination of all 22 amino acids, the perfect ratio
of Essential Fatty Acids, Super Anti-oxidant Cacao and
Coconut palm sugar deliver a sustained energy boost for
many hours. Brain function is clear and clean, and the
fibre grains in the protein gently scrub the colon of any
undesirable goop.

Yep within two weeks you will wonder how you ever lived
without it.

That’s why we call it


Grab your bags today!

Wade Lightheart

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