Why the word “PROTEIN” should be eliminated from your vocabulary

Hey bro,

People talk about “protein, protein, protein”.
Your body doesn’t build muscles with protein.

It builds muscles with AMINO ACIDS.

Basically, protein is useless to the body.

In fact, indigestible protein is the cause of many allergies.

Other undigested protein becomes toxic
as they ferment inside the intestinal track,
or worst, in the blood.

That’s another reason why taking Masszymes on an empty stomach is such a smart idea.

They “clean house” as they enter the blood stream
and break down those pesky proteins into usable
amino acids.

Then your body can use those aminos to build lean muscle mass.

We just got an ultra fresh batch of Masszymes.

They’re ready to ship worldwide
(Although they’ve been banned in Norway
because the government thought they were
too effective. Classic government B.S.!)

However — my words aren’t going to give you results.

What will give you results is if you click the link below
and secure your supply before our stock runs out.

SMASH EM! (Man… Avengers rocked!)

Wade T. Lightheart
3 Time National Natural Bodybuilding Champ

P.S. You’ll actually save big money on protein powder with Masszymes because you get 2X or 3X more muscle growth out of it.


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