Which Protein is the best?

Hey Bro,

Still kicking it here in NYC.
Love this town, the buildings,
the people, the energy.

If you ever go to New York, be sure to stop by Pure Food and Wine.

This has got to be one of the best Raw Food restaurants in the world.

Matt says just skip the meal and go right to dessert.
The desserts are among the best of the best.

On Sunday night after the health conference,
I met up with some friends at the restaurant
and was chatting with my friend Danny David
(model/bodybuilding star and raw food enthusiast)

We both were laughing it up
when someone asked us where
do we get our protein.

Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I get asked this question.

I quickly stated – www.proteinbreakthrough.com!!!

*****************BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*******************

We’ve been SOLD OUT of our best selling
Megabolic Protein for the last few weeks.

Meanwhile we’ve been hiding in the lab
and in the kitchen.. Upgrading our protein

Yes — it tastes like your favorite chocolate cake!

How amazing is that?

You won’t believe the flavor.

More news on this breakthrough flavor coming soon!

I explained that they need to forget about WHEY.

Not the answer they were looking for.

Both Danny and I then explained how we had to make
a huge psychological shift in order for us to “DE-program”
our belief systems around protein.

It’s interesting how he and I were both “scared”
when we switched to a plant based diet.
Think about it… Why should anyone be scared?


We were “programmed” by thousands of articles
and advertisements promoting the “benefits” of
eating massive amounts of meat, fish, chicken,
eggs, and especially whey protein.

The goal of each one of those ads, articles,
and “expert” opinions was simply to promote
a higher consumption of protein which is
almost impossible to do without supplementation.

Brainwashing involves repeating a message
over and over again until eventually
its believed to be true. This is why
advertisers on television run the same ads
over and over again.

Have you ever wondered why CNN runs the same stories over and over?

Gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

Anyways, real hard scientific science
that’s not sponsored by a company (rare)
demonstrates that .5 grams per pound
of bodyweight is plenty of protein.

If there is a benefit to higher protein diets
I would say that it does stabilize blood sugar
so you feel “fuller” longer and have less
food cravings.

It took me almost a whole year to completely unplug
from the “more-protein-is-better” mentality
but once I did, I felt so much better.

Of course, I always take my protein with www.MassZymes.com
so I absorb the optimal amount of protein in every serving
with the least amount of stress on the system.

Anyways, after explaining all this to my friend at the table they asked me “so which protein is the best?”

I”ll answer that in another email

Until then

Live large,

Wade Lightheart

P.S. ALERT: You can’t buy any protein from www.proteinbreakthrough.com right now. Why? Because… we have a brand new special flavor coming out soon. You won’t believe the flavor! It’s unreal! More news coming soon.

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