Weird growths

I don’t know about you but most guys
will do just about anything to get bigger.
What blows me away is how some guys
don’t master the fundamentals of training
and diet before they get into some kind
of drug induced madness.

Take my friend Jerry who has been tinkering
around the gym for years. Jerry has trouble
following his diet, and he bounces from
one training program to another, paying trainer
after trainer huge amounts of cash. Yet after
10 years his body is relatively the same.

Recently, he fired his last trainer. This guy was
a 250 pound gorilla who encouraged Jerry to
shoot Growth Hormone into the body and actually
sold Jerry a few bottles of this stuff.

Well, guess what happened? Jerry did get a bit leaner
and he did put on a few pounds of muscle BUT
2 months into his cycle Jerry started getting weird
growths on his wrists and forearms.

His trainer friend said it’s just a sign the sauce was
working – Jerry got a second opinion from his doctor
and this doctor told him the side effects were from
too much GH.

What’s even crazier is Jerry could have gotten all
the GH benefits without the side effects and the expensive
illegal drugs, with a smart diet, a cutting edge training
program, and carefully selected nutraceuticals.

Muscle Mastery is the ultimate training and diet program.
I used these principles to win all my bodybuilding
championships without drugs, and thousands of other guys from
around the world have done the same. Best of all, our
clients are bigger, leaner, stronger and HEALTHIER than ever
before. Instead of wasting money on illicit drugs sold by
shady gym rats, they are investing in quality products that
enhance their gains, leanness, and health.

Which program makes more sense to YOU?

Drugs, thugs, and weird growths on your arms
OR hard training, clean eating, and solid muscle to
last you a lifetime?

It seems like a no-brainer to me.

Bottom line, we are very confident that in just a few short
weeks on the Muscle Mastery program, you can radically
transform your physique, optimize your diet, build new muscle,
burn outrageous amounts of body fat and finally hit your
physical peak in record time.

Yes, it takes work but it’s so worth it.

Why not give the program a no-risk test drive for 90 days and
see just how impressive of a physique you can build.

Stay Strong, Live long,

Wade & Matt

Maximize your muscle mass and get ripped in record time

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P.S. Speaking about Natural Growth Hormone release, Matt has hit a new level of leanness on his program. He’s over the moon about the new GH release supplement. I tried to ship some to my place in Canada but it didn’t make it through customs. :( Bottom line, I really can’t wait to try it so I am going to make a run into the US in the next few weeks to go get some.

I will keep you posted…

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