Wade’s Training Log Day 9 of 21 Day Challenge

Today’s bodybuilding Workout is really different.

I woke up and my body was hurting all over cause I have been pushing it hard and I have been eating like a little bird so I can lean out some more. I knew that pushing myself on such limited calories would be a challenge and I needed to take a break from the heavy weights…. So….

I went at a new kind of training that was developed by my coach Scott Abel…
This is one of the best fat burning workouts you can use cause it cranks the metabolism through the roof and taxes the V02 to the maximum.

Here’ s how it works:

You set up a bunch of stations and you perform the reps at each session with very low weights and maximum speed. Stay at each station for 30-45 seconds… with very little rest between sets 10-15 seconds.

This by no means explains the style… Hopefully Scott will go into detail about this training in the future but its’ brutal, fun, and it works big time for leaning out the body.

I did 4 rounds of 10 exercises… with a 2-3 minute rest between rounds.

It really pushed me hard.

Heres’ the exercises I used: IN this order.


Reverse Wood Chop

One Legged side raises on the ball


Side step jump

Chain saw

5 point drill


one legged deadlifts

seated punches

Russian twists

Let me tell you, when you get to the end, you’re so fried you begin to move in slow motion…

Anyway, it was a great way to train when my body was saying NO to lifting heavy weights.


  1. Richard Larson

    Thanks for the tip Wade


  2. joseph

    Hey guys

    I did not do the above workout for two reasons.

    1. Im not eating like a bird right now. Im not eating alot of food either, but I am satisfied with my amount right now.

    2. Im not sure how to do half the exercises posted for this day.

    Oh well no big deal. I went on doing legs, and shoulders as the other routines in the past few days. It was a good workout, and I felt i was able to push hard. I managed to hit all the lbs required fro each exercise. I left the gym feeling really motivated, and that I accomplished a great task.

    The diet for the day was

    Meal 1 grapes, bluberries, and buffalo jerky

    Meal 2 chicken, tomatos, and spinach

    Meal 3 steak, green perppers, tomatos, and spinach


    20 enzymes, 9 probiotics, 3 vitamin C, multivitamin, EFA, and green blue algea.

  3. Jond

    Wade, I dont know some of the exercises, either. Could you give a brief description of how to do each? Thanks.

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