Training, Partners and Intensity

Hey man how’s your workouts these days?

Mine are going epic but I certainly can’t
take the credit.  What I can share is why
this December and January have been
my best workouts in a long time and how
you can learn from me what I learned.

First off I began an epic routine with Matt
back during the Christmas holidays.  It’s
Matt’s famous 6X9 program which comes
free with every purchase of protein breakthrough

Anyways, we pushed each other to the max
and the vibe is fantastic.  After training we would
go out for an epic meal and really enjoy the
endorphin high from our workouts.

Normally I train alone however I have found as
I get older it’s been harder to really push myself
as hard as my body is capable.  Training with
a partner helps you push harder, train longer,
and with more intensity.  It’s also safer in
regards to tough movements.

The last couple of weeks I decided to keep the
intensity high as I diet down to single digit body
fat levels again.  My friends Paul and Kasandra
have really helped me push through some epic

Today’s workout was so tough we could barely
finish and if I had of been alone I would have
been tempted to stay at home.  But because my
partner is there going rep for rep with me I kept
pushing through the pain barrier.

When I got back from the gym I could hardly
believe how pumped my legs and arms were.
What could have been a terrible workout day
turned into an epic win.

Arnold Schwarzenegger realized these years
ago and would only train with partners and in
public.  He even talked Joe Weider into bringing
his favourite training partner and best buddy
Franco Columbu over from Germany to help
him train so that he could be his all time best
competing with Sergio Oliva.

Guess what? It worked and Arnold won.

I have used partners in the past and I must
say I always get a little more out of my workouts
when I train with someone.  I think it has to do
with the psychology of competing with someone,
not wanting to look bad, wimp out on a set, or
simply just feeding on the collective energy created
when you have someone else to support your goals.

Having a partner keeps you on track, and helps you
push through the tough days.  It’s also helpful to
keep the calories low by keeping each other honest
to the diet.

The other thing is you can save on purchases by
sharing the cost of training programs, bulk buys
on supplements and food, and on special coaching

Sharing is caring and when you share in workouts
you really care about how that other person is doing.
You expand to a greater sense of awareness of what
it is to be human and that makes you a better person.

Stay Positive,
Work Hard,
and follow your dreams,

Wade T. Lightheart

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