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Another Saturday has rolled in and I am reviewing my journal as to the Muscle Mastery workout that I am going to perform. While sipping my protein drink and looking out the window at the sprawl of the 2010 Olympic site I can’t help but reflect on all the time, effort, and money involved in high performance sports. It’s quite remarkable yet leads one to the question of why go to all the bother.

After a bit of reflection it occurred to me that for most people many of the events of their lives are completely out of their control. In fact, almost all of them are. Sports offer a self development option that the human psyche craves. The art of improvement, self-development, and self-control.

Bodybuilding epitomizes these principles as the effort required to build a truly outstanding physique is as monumental as it is to build the skyscrapers being constructed before my eyes. Yet none of these skyscrapers will be able to repair themselves, move, think, feel, hear, see, much less contemplate it’s own existence. Curiously, building one’s body involves all of the the processes involved in building the skyscraper yet it is completely self directed.

As I pick up my journal, I smile to myself and give thanks for the ability to pursue this sport. The benefits are a life full of vigorous health, vitality, energy, and a performance parameter few can even dream of. So as you head out to the gym today give thanks for the ability to build your own skyscraper of muscle and cherish every rep of every set. Pay close attention to each detail of building your body as would the engineers and workers who build these massive buildings.

It is this attention to detail that will truly bring home the Gold Medal of satisfaction whether you’re a 300 pound monster or a 135 pound beginner; the process is the same and can be just as satisfying. Seize the day!!!

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