The truth about “rapid transformations” (including crazy California experience)

“Conquering The Californian Fat Cats”

Can you really transform your body in just 3 weeks?

Well, man — you’re gonna find out the truth in
this email.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from one of our oldest Freaky Big
customers.He called me and said he desperately needed
to get in wicked shape fast (because he’s a rock star and
he’s preparing to go on tour).

Plus, he had two of his friends that were even more desperate.

Basically, they said they were all tired of being fat,
out of shape, and feeling like a bag of crap. They all said,
“name your price, what do we have to do?”

I gotta admit I was reluctant to work with these guys.
So many people talk a good game, but when it comes to actually
busting their guts day after day in the gym…
And staying disciplined on the diet, and pushing their body,
minds and souls to the max… Few have the courage to stick it out.

I thought about it for a week and then I made it clear
what I would require.

A beach house where we could all live in the same environment.
Total obedience to the protocol which included our specific
time tested results proven protocol which includes everything
from special water, enzymes superfoods, and growth factors, etc.

Rapid transformation tip #1: You need to drink MASSIVE
amounts of water if you want maximum fat loss.
Your liver is what processes the fat loss and the toxins.

If you’re trying to lose more than 2 lbs a week, it WON’T
happen unless your liver is working at top speed. And in
order to do that… it needs to be cleaned and flushed
with ionized, alkaline, micro-clustered water.

Also, I would require absolute mental focus,
and a willingness to be coached.

Basically this is the trust factor.

And we needed a full 21 days so that we could anchor
the process into their DNA.

Oh yeah… and I requested a ridiculous sum of cash
for my time, effort and expertise.

Amazingly enough, they all went for it.

I gotta admit, when I met the guys I was a little worried.
These guys were worst than I ever imagined.

Bottom line is, these guys were obese with serious physical
challenges, range of motion issues, and a lifestyle pattern
that would be harder to change than Charlie Sheen’s party

Knowing that all of these guys were extremely sharp business
guys that could smell bullshit a mile away, I broke the
entire program down on a white board in a hardcore two hour


It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve filmed anything new
for you.
I’m going to be filming the exact 2 hour presentation I
did for these guys and I’m going to be GIVING IT AWAY
to you.

Yes, there are strings attached – however, I think you’re
going to be VERY excited about these “strings”.

After two hours, the guys decided this is worth giving a

So, we got to work.

Here’s 7 Powerful Rapid Transformation Tips:

  1. Reduce the outside distractions as much as possible -(work, girlfriends, wives, kids, etc).
  2. Get your other friends involved and commit to each other to help you through the rough days.
  3.  Create a success environment free of bad foods, advertising that hooks your brain, or other distractions.
  4. Work out in a high energy gym with lots of fit people who are busting their guts.
  5. Get supreme coaching and be coachable… Don’t waste energy trying to figure things out; submit to a regimen and devote every ounce of energy to training, eating and recovery.
  6. Maximize your recovery components which include key supplements, high grade water, saunas, rebounders, massage, chiropractic adjustments, rolfers, biofeedback machines, etc.
  7. Commit to pushing yourself past what you think is possible – you need to be mentally tougher on yourself than you feel your body can handle. Where the mind goes the body must follow so it’s important to adapt a Spartan like attitude of “No retreat, no surrender”.

So after we got the minds on board, we went to the store
and stocked up on everything we would need for the diet.

This included berries, high quality proteins, and a list of
restaurants that we would have successful dinners at.

Each day would be relatively the same schedule.

We trained twice a day everyday, plus rebounding sessions
in between.

Basically, we took the Muscle Mastery program and
amped it up so we were doing the whole body,
plus an anaerobic sprint session every two days.

So every body part was getting worked three times a week
at super high volume levels.

No less than 50 sets a workout plus abdominal training
which we did every day.

Bottom line: the body was going to respond positively.

The high reps allowed the guys to use less weight,
burn more calories, and reduce the chance of injury.

Trying to do super heavy weights with this kind of volume
would be a recipe for disaster and we wanted to keep
everybody from getting injured.

I believe most people train with weights that are too heavy
than what is optimal for building muscle and burning bodyfat.

So we all went at it, the first few days everybody thought
they were going to die.

By the third leg workout of the first week, the guys almost
didn’t make it. But then we did weigh ins and the guys had
lost massive amounts of bodyfat.

Here’s the results after 3 weeks:

One guy lost 13% bodyfat.
Another guy lost 12%…
And the leaner guy lost 6% (it’s normal as you get leaner,
fat loss slows down).


Get pumped because I am…
More great stuff coming on Monday,

Wade Lightheart
3-time national natural bodybuilding champion

P.S. I’ll discuss a really simple diet strategy (that works) in the next email.

P.P.S. HUGE announcement is coming… it’s easily the biggest thing I’ve done since 2007. And it’s really going to give you a HUUUGE edge with your training. You’ll lose way more lard and build way more muscle mass — FASTER than you’re experiencing right now.

Keep opening my emails cause it’s just going to get BETTER!

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