The Natural Olympia… 5 Weeks out and Wade’s Bodybuilding Training Hits the REDLINE!!!

High performance training is a bit like running a race car and you run the machine right on the edge of the RPM band going around the track.

To quote a line out of the Dukes of Hazard, “Sometimes you make the curve and learn, and sometimes you crash and burn”.

Well last week, I pushed my body to RED LINE and blew it out a bit.

Let me explain.

Since I only have a few months to prepare for the INBA Natural Olympia in Thessaloniki, Greece I have upped my training to the absolute physical limits. I have been training the body over two days which includes 4 workouts in 48 hours. These workouts are out of the Muscle Mastery Training System.

Normally I would perform one of these workouts per day training 4-6 days per week but because of the circumstances and some new technology that allows for faster recovery I tripled the training. So I now train legs and shoulders in the morning, arms and calves in the evening.  The next day, I do sprints on the Cellerciser and then I hit chest, back and abs in the second workout. I then repeat the sequence only taking rest days when I feel I need them. Well, the results have been phenomenal but training this much has it’s drawbacks.

My eyes have blown out twice and the last couple of days were the worst ever as I experienced excruciating pain from Nervous systems overload. Basically, everybody has a part that goes out on them when they enter into the overtraining/under recovery zone. While it’s okay to go over the limit for specific periods to induce nervous system capacity increases, it’s not a good idea to maintain those high levels of training stress for extended periods.

So the last couple of days I reduced the training to once a day until my eyes healed. Which today they are about 90 percent… no pain, just a bit of blurred vision on one side. So I upped the dosage of MassZymes to 100, drank lots of extra ionized water and increased my calories and nutrient consumption for two days to get myself out of the REDLINE zone of over-training.

I am feeling good enough to go back at it again twice a day. So on Monday that’s what I am going to do. Two more days of once a day training, plus light rebounding, and then full on the throttle during the next straight stretch. While there are a couple of more turns before I get to the Natural Olympia back stretch, you can bet I’ll be taking the Wade Wagon to the limits over the coming weeks!

It sure is a lot of fun pushing the limits again as it’s been almost 4 years since I went to the Mr. Universe in Mumbai. I never thought I would be back onstage at the World level again, let alone training at this level of intensity and volume. What’s interesting is that, the integrations I made during the development of the Muscle Mastery Training System has really changed what’s possible for Natural Athletes. 4 years ago, I did not know it was possible to train this much as a Natural Athlete yet thanks to Masszymes, Precision Probiotics, Hemp Protein, and Ionized water, combined with the Muscle Mastery Training System, new ground is being broken.

Whatever the outcome in Greece is, I will be bringing the best physique I have ever put on stage and that’s what it’s all about in the End. Be sure to check out The Experiment coaching call if you haven’t already, to get my latest integrations and experiences as I push the limits of my training during this contest preparations.

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