The evolution of protein…

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been bodybuilding for
over 25 years. YIKES!!!

I am so grateful that I figured out the importance of
training to enhance fitness, and a good quality of
life at an early age, as it built the habits that have led
to my success – I really hope you experience the same

As I reflect back on my career, I started thinking about
how much the protein business has changed since I started.

Get this…

Back when I was a teenager we used to buy this crazy
stinky protein that would float when you put it in water.

It was probably the most horrible food I have ever
consumed. We used to plug our noses trying to drink this
crap and mix it with all kinds of weird things to make
the taste manageable.

Then came the egg white and soy proteins which mixed
a little bit better. However…

The egg protein tasted chalky and produced enough gas
to power a small country.

The soy had another side effect:

Yeah, Bill Phillips wrote about taking 25g of soy a day
to boost thyroid. However, what he forgot to mention is
that 90% of the world’s supply of soy is genetically
modified (GMO) and it skyrockets the estrogen in the body.

Soy is still used in popular meal replacements because
they can now make it taste like anything and it’s dirt
cheap to buy.

Almost all the protein bar companies use it because
it’s a cheap filler that makes the protein count high
on the label.

Don’t be fooled by this trickery.

Then along came whey protein… touted as a God send, and
the reality is it tastes great, mixes well and packs a lot
of protein in small servings.

Over the last 15 years whey protein has literally
cornered the market even though it’s kind of like the
“Crack Cocaine” of protein.

You see, it speeds into the system like sugar and then
your body has to try and digest all that protein.
Straight up, whey protein can even raise insulin like

Gas, bloating and explosive bombs in the bathroom are
common. And in the long term, we feel that whey protein
is a contributor to arthritic conditions and inflammation
inside the body.

I pounded whey for years up until I crashed and burned
after the 2003 MR. Universe in India.

My body needed something new.

That’s when I learned about hemp protein and all it’s
amazing qualities.

I began experimenting with hemp and was blown away with
its ability to build muscle and to keep me lean.

When I researched the science, it all made sense.

This protein has some serious anabolic effects due to the
combination of edestin protein and essential fatty acids.
This protein acts as a testosterone enhancer and unlike
other plant proteins, it actually drops estrogen levels
in the body.

Basically, it’s one of the only plant proteins to have
all 22 amino acids in perfect ratios for muscle growth.
It also contains fiber which blocks carbs absorption
and helps get the water out from under the skin.

Matt and I developed a whole pile of shakes to make it
taste good because the only downside of hemp is that
it tastes like dirt…

A lot of people wanted it to taste great out of the can
so we developed the most amazing tasting hemp on the
market. Chocolate cake baby!!!

Anyways, it all goes on sale for the first time ever on
October 17th/2012 at 3 pm eastern, noon Pacific.

We have 100 orders made.


Get ready to give your body some love!

Wade Lightheart
3-Time National Natural Champion

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