Testosterone, Growth Hormone and the Vancouver Riots

Hey dude,

Well, we managed to survive the hockey riots here in Vancouver.
What most people don’t know is that the next day 1000′s came out
and cleaned the city up and it was all good by late in the afternoon,
pretty amazing.

It’s a dangerous combination adding booze, testosterone,
and a 100,000 people or so… Mayhem usually ensues.
I just wish some of these people, who create such
destruction, would grow up.

Speaking of growing, everybody knows how important Growth Hormone
is to building muscle and staying lean. Growth hormone is
responsible for growing all tissues in the body, which includes muscles,
and it’s also known for its ability to lean you out.

A lot of bodybuilders use illegal GH to improve their muscle gains.
However, it’s very expensive, not safe, and the long term effects
are definitely not positive.

Many training and diet programs look to enhance GH naturally
which is the safest and easiest way to improve this hormone
in the body.

Recently, Matt shared with me that he was taking a natural GH booster
developed by some crazy science nerd. What’s crazier is that his blood work
showed an increase of GH by over 1200 percent.

1200 percent!!!

That’s unheard of. If someone could maintain that level of GH
for say 6-12 months then there’s no question you would be bigger,
stronger, and definitely leaner. Truth is, I am a little skeptical
about what Matt is reporting and I am going to do my own experiment.

Matt told me he has just completed some of the most brutal training workouts
he’s ever performed, he’s recovering better, and he’s leaner and more muscular than ever before.

Since he’s currently living in Panama, I can’t confirm this information
although Matt is someone who doesn’t exaggerate his results.
He’s got blood tests, and body fat percentages to prove it.
So I SAID – Okay, dude, you’re on.

Send me 3 month’s supply of this booster, as well as instructions
on how you use it and I will give it a try.

I am not sure if this is going to work or not, but I will report back
what I find out.

Until then, don’t mix booze, crowds, and testosterone.
It’s a recipe for a disaster.

Stay Clean,

Wade T. Lightheart

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