Taking Your Bodybuilding Program to the Next LEVEL the Freaky Big Naturally Way – Part II

Wow, Last night was our first coaching session for “The Experiment” and boy was it a lot of fun! We addressed everyone’s diet and supplementation program and even got into the psychology of training and nutrition. Almost 2 whole hours of my favorite topic: super nutrition!!!!

As for me, my own training has gone to the next level. Currently, I am double splitting the training so I train my entire body over 3 sessions in a 48 hour period. I also include sprinting on the cellerciser which is just flat out fun. Not to mention that this kind of volume training is what gets you ripped!!!

I sure need to put in the extra effort as I will be going up against the best Natural Bodybuilders in the World at the INBA Mr. Olympia. I am opening up a challenge to all of you who are training hard to take your training and diet to the next level. Perform more volumes, get stricter on the diet, and join our coaching team in the experiment. If you can’t afford the program, I understand, and you can at least join in spirit. I’ll try to send an “energetic” burst out in my blog after each week’s coaching session. Hopefully that will be enough to give you an extra push in your training.

Train smart, train natural,

Wade McNutt CSNA
3-Time Natural National Bodybuilding Champion

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