Riding through Death Valley

Hey bro,

I’m here driving through Death Valley
on my way to a funeral of a dear friend and mentor.

(Don’t worry — I’m in great spirits. He was 85 years old
and his body was in rough shape. I know he’s in a better
place now.)

And what’s hitting me right now is…

You’ve got to give NEW things a shot in life.

It’s one of the keys to success.

And it’s certainly one of the keys to success
with transforming your body.

It’s critical that you try NEW programs. New exercises…


99% of the bodybuilding world pounds whey protein

The fact is: whey protein is NOT the best option
for muscle growth and fat loss.

I don’t even rate it in the top 3.

The question is: WHAT’S #1?

The answer is: HEMP PROTEIN.

The science doesn’t lie:

The oil from hemp seeds has the lowest amount of saturated
fatty acids at 8%, and the highest amount of the
polyunsaturated essential fatty acids at 80% of its total
oil volume.

Hemp seed contains linoleic acid (LA) and linolenic acid
(LNA), which can’t be created by your body and that’s why
they are called essential fatty acids (EFAs). So, the only
way to get them inside your body is through your diet.

LA and LNA are 2 critical fatty acids for optimal health
and anabolism. Know that EFAs play a huge role in your
muscle growth, your vitality and your state of mind.


Enzymes are your body’s workers. They do over 3000
functions in your body, including breaking down protein
into amino acids and synthesizing the aminos into new
muscle. All enzymes are globular proteins and perform
most of the “magic” inside your body.

One of the unique things about hemp seed protein is that
65% of it, is globulin edistin. No other plant on earth
comes close to this. Globulin edistins within the seed
guarantee it has the enzymes necessary for metabolic
activity and growth.


The ideal PH level for maximum growth is around 7.35 to
7.5. Almost no one in bodybuilding is even close to that.

Most bodybuilders are really, really deep on the acidic
side. They’re eating a lot of acid-producing foods,
processed foods, and dead proteins. This contributes to
this acid effect inside your body that builds layers
of sludge inside your intestinal tract that stops the
absorption of nutrients.

So — are you ready to give the BEST protein possible a

There’s never been a better time because not only do we
have the BEST hemp protein on the market.


It took us a few years of playing around with the finest
ingredients to nail the flavor. But we did it.

And now we have 100 orders ready to go.

We only made a small batch (because we’re a small

It’s first come — first served.

So do NOT miss your chance at locking in your supply.

The doors are going to open on Wednesday OCTOBER 17th at
12 noon EST (that’s 9 am pacific time).

We’re extremely proud of this product and I think you’ll
be as pleased as a kid at Christmas when you try it.

Live Large,

Wade Lightheart

P.S. In 1 week — IT’S GO TIME!

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