Putting it on the LINE!!!

HI Guys,

I hope you’re busting your butt as hard as I am, maybe even harder…

Let’s hear your stories from your workouts and what’s fueling you! Just thinking about everybody reading these posts has me working extra hard in the gym. The mind is a funny thing and it’s great when you can leverage it to fuel your workouts.

So keep hammering away as the workouts are only going to another level!

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  1. Richard Larson

    Wade,just reading this blog and what other people are doing,via the forum,is all I need to fuel the workout fire.I only got about 2 hours of sleep last night and was thinking that I was to tired to workout.Went to the forum,read some posts,came to this blog site and read your blogs,got psyched and hit the iron and had a pretty decent workout.Hitting another workout tomorrow,taking Sunday off,then hitting hard again on Monday.

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