My most insane pig out day ever!

My most insane pig out day ever!
18 lb weight gain in one day and how
I lost it all (and two pounds more)
in just 6 days.

- by Wade Lightheart

Today is a tale from the time loop.

You see a few weeks ago I packed up and
moved. And while I was in the process of
getting rid of old stuff, I found one of my
journals from 1998.

Yes. 15 years ago.

It was dated August 10th, 1998 and it was
my first and last pigout day, as I prepared
for my first National Championship Contest.

At the time, I weighed an extremely lean 200lbs.

I wasn’t a vegetarian at the time. In fact, if you’d
suggested I was going to become a vegetarian
less than 3 years later, I would have laughed
my butt off!!!

Anyways, this email shows how “sling-shotting”
works on a micro-level, and how you can use it
to build more muscle, or kickstart a slowing metabolism.

I learned this technique from none other than
Scott Abel, who was my coach at this time.

NOTE: I wouldn’t do this extreme format today,
because Matt and I have developed a much more
healthy approach using raw foods, enzymes, and
intestinal cleansing formulas.

It’s also important to note that I was in an extreme
caloric deficit. I had been training and dieting for
4 months and was under 6 percent body fat.

Get ready for a laugh.

What’s even crazier is when I found the sheet,
I remembered the day exactly, where I went,
how much weight I gained, and how swollen and
bloated I felt.

Here we go:

6.30 AM
6 egg omelette with cheese,
1.5 Litre chocolate shake (ice cream and chocolate sauce)
4 chocolate bars
3 English with butter
2 chocolate eclairs
2 poptarts
6 strips of bacon

9.00 AM
1/2 12 inch Garlic fingers on homemade
plotina bread with 4 cheeses and donair sauce
500 ml of milk

10.30 AM
1 bag of skittles
2 chocolate bars

12.00 PM
Large Nachos with all the toppings
400 grams of Caesar Salad
3 chicken breasts with cheese
400 g of chicken alfredo
1/2 pound hamburger
1 cup of rice
150 grams of meatballs and sauce
1 chicken fajita

2.30 PM 
Large Banana Split

5.00 PM
6 Egg rolls
15 chicken balls
10 Garlic chicken wings
3 cups of fried rice
300 g of sweet and sour spare ribs
Butterscotch tart
1 piece of cheesecake
1 bowl of peaches

8.00 PM
55 grams of chips
1 can of clamato juice
3 licorices
3 chocolate bars

10.00 PM
2 chocolate bars
500 ml of skim milk

At the end of this insane day I weighed
an incredible 218 pounds.

That’s 18 pounds heavier than when I woke up!

That night I was sweating like crazy, as my body
worked serious overtime trying to metabolize the

I went back to my extremely calorie deficient diet
the next day and hit the gym hard. My metabolism
was cooking all week and just 6 days later I was

The whole point of this is to demonstrate the following

Weight gain and weight loss is NOT all about
“calories in and calories out”.

Metabolic rates, calorie deprivation, and super
compensation ALL play a roll in how your body
processes food.

Many people think calorie restriction is the only
way to go. But I have found that “teaching” your
body to handle higher levels of calorie intake,
along with calorie expenditure, can shift even
the most sluggish of metabolisms.

Today of course, I would never engage in the kind
of binging you see above.

Nowadays, I tend to increase training and decrease
calories for ranges of 3-6 weeks. Then drop training
frequency and intensity for a week or so, while
boosting calories.

We teach all of this in the advanced levels of our
free training system and to my personal clients.

Many people who have dieted for years are
*shocked* to see how much food they can eat
and STILL lose unwanted pounds.

And if you REALLY want to maximize your
progress, then combine this approach
with taking Masszymes too.

Here’s why:

Due to enviromental pollution, genetic deficiencies,
poor food consumption, ageing, and toxicity factors,
you may be operating with only 30 to 50 percent of the
enzymes your body requires for optimum growth of
muscle tissue.

In order for your body to hits it’s maximum growth
potential, you need to have 100 percent of your
enzyme capacity in order for your body to operate
at maximum efficiency.

Otherwise you simply won’t digest your food
properly, or you won’t elevate your metabolism
sufficiently to make full use of this “sling-shotting”

Again, you can access your own supply of
Masszymes here:

Anyways, If you’re NOT already on the training
program I’m giving away, then get on it:


And if you are, then check out the free forum
community boards on “sling-shotting”, to go into
more depth into how you can manipulate your
metabolism to do almost anything you want.

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See you soon,


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