Living the dream


Becoming the best you can be has its own rewards.

This week I had what many people would consider an
experience of a lifetime. I got to drive a Lamborghini
Diablo. In fact it was the exact same Diablo that I had a
poster of on my wall almost 15 years ago. I got to
experience this because years ago I made a determination to
build a physique that not only looks good, it feels good.

Here’s how it all happened…

I was flown out to the home of one of the most dynamic
CEOs in America to help him hit the next level of high
performance for his body. Running a big time business
today takes incredible amounts of stamina, energy, and
focus. It’s a real treat to get behind the curtain of
one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Of course, I’m training using:

What I found interesting is how running a company was
very much like building a great physique. It takes a
strong vision, self discipline, the right game plan, and
the right people to make the vision come to life. In fact,
I believe the strong vision is the part that all of the
other factors come from. Discipline is easy when you have
a clear focus, and it’s downright impossible if you don’t.

What’s your vision for yourself?
Where do you see yourself in 6 months, a year, even
5 years?

These are important questions. Now, what about the last
6 months, 1 year, or 5 years? Do you have the body you
wanted or planned on having. If so, then congratulations!

If not – Why do you think that is?

Bottom line, don’t let failures or successes of the past
dictate your present or your future. It doesn’t matter
where you might be now, it’s where you’re going that

Ram Das came up with a famous line called BE HERE NOW

I have a new one and it’s called BE WHERE WHEN?

My CEO friend and I are the same age, He’s made a ton of
money and he’s spending the time and effort to regain the
health he lost on the road. Me, I built a great physique
and my knowledge allows me to share in the lifestyle and
learn a few great business tips from one of the world’s
best!!! It’s a beautiful exchange and that’s what
friendships are all about.

Which leads me back to you.

Although we might not have actually met, the fact that
you’re reading this means that you and I are connected on
some level. The reality is I have specialized knowledge
on how to build an amazing physique and I really want to
share it with you. In fact I have spent literally 25 years
learning all this stuff and I have boiled it down into
it’s easy-to-follow essence.

This CEO, he’s paying me ridiculous amounts of money to
learn firsthand the EXACT same training and eating
programs that Matt and I have put in this incredible

The Great news, it’s not going to cost you a fortune, or a
ride in a Lamborghini. It’s only a few bucks, it’s worth
it, and it comes with a complete 100 percent money back

Take the course for a test drive and see if you like it.
I think you’re going to like the fast lane of performance
just like I did.

Live Large,
Take Charge,

Wade Lightheart
3-Time National Natural Champion

P.S. I’m also feeding him tons of Masszymes (50 capsules a day).

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