KILLER SIMPLE RECIPE: The 5 minute Protein Breakthrough Secret

Hey Bro,

Just chilling in my condo and my good friend
Anthony Trister (a.k.a. the coffee shop millionaire)
is chilling with me for a couple of days while he’s in town.

Anthony is a great guy, who’s super busy
helping thousands of people around the world
make more money on the internet so they have
more time to work out.

Anyways – Anthony asked me this morning,
“Dude – I need to get my morning routine down.
Keep in mind I travel a lot, I am super busy,
and I have trouble sticking to routines…”

I’m like “no problemo man – you sound like 99% of my clients.”

Basically, here’s the 15 minute morning routine
that will keep your muscles strong and your energy smooth all day long!

Step 1. Drink 1 quart of water (preferably ionized water) laced with a super power liquid vitamin and mineral supplement – more on this later.

Step 2. Do some deep breathing preferably while jumping on a rebounder.

Step 3. Take a little bit of coconut water (preferably fresh or from a glass container),
put it in the a magic bullet, toss in a banana, mix 20-25 grams
of the NEW Velvety Smooth Chocolate Protein Breakthrough Protein,
add a little bit of coconut butter and 5 caps of

PRESTO – You’ve got chocolate cake in a glass, predigested and tastes amazing…

The whole routine only takes 5 minutes, it tastes great,
dirties one spoon and a magic bullet glass
which you can rinse out in like 10 seconds.

Basically, it’s bachelor living at it’s finest.

Live strong,

Wade Lightheart
3-Time National Natural Champion

P.S. Our BRAND NEW Super Silky Chocolate protein is being mixed as we speak.
It should be in the warehouse in the next 3 or 4 weeks. We’re only putting together 100 orders. So make sure you’re ready to order when we open the gates!

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