Keys to Success For The Holidays


It’s Christmas time again – my favorite time of year.
Every year I make the trek to my home town in NB
to spend the holidays with my parents.

It usually takes me a couple of days to wind down
from my travel schedule and get into the slower
pace of life common to the Maritime provinces.

Anyways, Mum as always has been cooking up
a storm and that means I have got to manage my
waistline. I also end up going out to dinner with
my friends and eating some of the items that are
normally off-limits for my eating program.

Forget trying to lean out during the holidays.

And remember, feeling guilty or limiting yourself
and missing out on the social vibes of food
consuming during the holidays are NOT in your
soul’s best interest.

The key to success is hitting the gym daily workouts
like the ones’ in your F-R-E-E training program that
I give out to everyone and anyone who wants to build
muscle and burn fat.

For Wade’s Free Bodybuilding Course, go Here:

Remember, the holidays are not great for burning fat,
but it can be a real plateau buster for individuals trying
to build some more muscle.
Load up on the food, but load up on the weight
plates too.

Lots of squats, deadlifts, clean-and-presses, or
if you’re crazy like Matt and myself, hit some metabolic
super-hardcore training vibes.

We will be talking more about this in the new year.

Matt gets here in a few days, so I am just preparing
myself for the insane workouts we will be cranking out.

Anyways, just wanted to send you out some positive
healthy vibes for your training and eating over the holidays.

Keep the weight gain in the manageable zone, train hard
and don’t let guilt guide your Christmas decisions.

I personally only let myself gain 10lbs on the holidays as
it will only take me about 3 weeks to drop that in January.

For me that’s worth it.

Oh yes and in January, I will be introducing
the 21-day Chocolate diet.

Yep, we have already tested this and the average
weight loss is 2.2 pounds per week in women and
3.1 pounds for Men.

Now, you can’t eat any chocolate¬†and you DO have to workout.

But it’s probably the best-tasting, flab-melting
protocol you have ever seen and did I mention….


More on this later.

Train Hard,
Live Well,
Stay Awesome!

Your friend,


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