Just Returned from a Whirlwind Tour of Canada

Hi all,

I just returned from a Whirlwind tour of Canada where I attended the CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association)’s big show in Toronto Canada. The subsequent week was packed with activity, meeting with industry leaders, magazine editors, and heck, I even had to write Arnold Schwarzenegger a letter relating to the new Hemp Bill AB 684 in the state of California (more on that later).

Anyway, much is happening and we will keep you posted through the newsletter and on the boards.

Get ready for a great fall!

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  1. JonD

    Wow, Wade! Thanks for the update. Congrats on the publicity stuff for FBN! Also, SO Excellent to be writing a govenor who is/was a bodybuilder! Surely he would understand more so than the regular politician!

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