Join us at the Raw Living Expo

Hey, bro!

What are you doing this February 22-25?

If you’re free, why not come on out
and hang with me and Matt at the
Raw Living Expo in beautiful Sedona, AZ?

This event will have the most cutting edge
trends in the health and wellness industry.

You will get to rub shoulders with the
industry’s leading experts,try our new
protein breakthrough product, and hang
out with us at the festival.

Matt and I are really pumped to meet
many of our old friends and you, our
friend and customer.

It’s really important to us to put faces
to the names on our email list, and to
hear your feedback on what we are doing
great, and what we can do better.

Oh, and by the way…

I will be giving the keynote speech on
how to build muscle on a plant-based diet.

Turns out I was nominated for Male athlete
(if you feel like voting for me, that would be

Anyways, I will also be hosting an open
discussion group at the event as well.

And those are always fun for going into the
deeper, and dare I say, more personal,
whacky, or “out there” things that sometimes
come out of these talks.

If transportation is a problem, they have
buses going from LA, San Francisco, and
San Diego which I am sure will be a blast.

Check the website for details:

Check out all the travel details here.

Sure hope to see you there.

Keep training,
Living well
and most of all loving life.

Wade T. Lightheart

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