How to tell if your protein is BAD for you

Hey bro,

If you haven’t read our report on protein supplements,
you really need to check it out.

After reading our report at,
a lot of people are seriously concerned that they
have screwed up their digestion or their health
in pursuit of muscles. I remember how I was shocked
into action when I discovered how bad whey was for you.

Here are ways to tell:

If you are dropping gas bombs when you hit a number 2,
chances are your whey protein is feeding a host of
bacteria that is producing some serious methane gas.

If you have trouble waking up in the morning because of
sluggishness, chances are you’ve got undigested protein
sticking your blood cells together like glue.

First step – get yourself a live blood cell analysis.
It will show you the truth of what’s happening in your
body. I can’t tell you how many super athletes I have
seen with sludge rolling through the veins.

In fact, one of the Major League Sports Nutritionists,
Shan Stratton, uses this live blood cell analysis
technology on all his top stars which include a who’s who
list of big names in football, baseball, hockey, and
even tennis.

If the cutting edge are switching their diets – maybe you
ought to consider doing it as well?

Please don’t freak out with your test results.

Remember that the body is designed to repair itself
no matter what. So no matter how long you have been
slamming whey protein, you can still make a comeback.

Here’s a 3 Step Plan For Cleaning out your body and
getting the gains you deserve.

1) Start taking Masszymes immediately!

2) Switch your whey protein to,
the new chocolate flavor is out of this world!

3) Consume as much Ionized water as possible
(6-8 liters a day). For more information on the brands
I suggest, fire us an email at [email protected]
and we will send you a complete report.

Finally, give yourself time.

It usually takes about 3 months for most people to
completely clean out their blood and their guts of
sludge built up over the years. I know I was passing
a whole bunch of stuff that looked like tire treads
you see littered on the highways.

The good news is you will start feeling leaner and cleaner
after just a few weeks on the above protocol. All my
personal clients are shocked at what leaves the system,
how much lard they drop and most of all, how energized
and good they feel by switching to a clean protein like

Those that do the 3-step process — produce radical

So kick the old whey bucket to the curb and grab yourself
a pack of the cleanest, muscle building protein on the

And we have a BRAND NEW super tasty protein coming out in
October. Stay tuned for the official word.

Train Hard,
Train Smart,
Eat Clean.

Wade T Lightheart


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