How to blow them away at the beach

Hey Bro,

Can you believe it’s almost summer?

June 21st is the official start of summer
and we have a rocking solution to slam
some 6 pack definition onto your body
before you hit the beach.

For the next 7 Days only,
we will be opening up the doors
for new subscriptions to MassZymes,
the ultimate muscle building enzyme.
Here’s what makes Masszymes so

While almost everyone slams protein like crazy,
only the “Elite” few athletes use enzymes.
You see it doesn’t matter how much protein you consume,
it’s what gets in your muscle that count.

Steroids work by increasing Protein Synthesis,
Masszymes work by improving assimilation of protein.
What’s even better is Masszymes helps digest
that crazy sludge that builds up in your blood stream
and your stomach.

Undigested protein is what makes your “s#$t stink”,
your body sluggish, and your body retain water,
especially around the abs. The technical term is called
“Intestinal Toxemia” and its running rampant in gyms
and locker rooms around the world.

Top Nutritional consultants and trainers
like my good buddy Shan Stratton (Nutritionist to
over 27 major league sports teams including
the New York Yankees) states every single athlete
he has ever coached needs enzymes.

Now each sport has unique requirements,
and if you’re reading this letter
you’re probably interested in building muscle
and losing that final layer of lard
especially in the midsection.

Let’s face it, nothing attracts more attention at the beach
than when you peel off your T-shirt to reveal a washboard
that would make Grandma smile, and the babes you’ve been
dreaming of talking to drool with desire.
(If you don’t believe me, check out all the chicks
screaming when that “Werewolf kid” in the Twilight movies
runs around with his shirt off).

Bottom line, if you want that kind of attention from the girls
then you gotta up your game in a big time way.

No Enzyme supplement on the market comes close
to the protein digesting power of Masszymes.
Our proprietary blend contains 3 different proteases
which break down all the protein you consume.
It also contains amylase for digesting carbs, lipase
for fat digestion, and a host of enzyme precursors
that make each enzyme dramatically more effective.

In fact it’s so effective, I actually reduced my protein intake
to 75-100 grams per day, which frees up more energy from digestion
for training, recovery, and building muscle.

Grab yourself a stack today before we sell out!

Your muscle Building Allies,

Wade & Matt

P.S. In the next email I am going to share with you how a budding young star in Muay Thai Kickboxing used MassZymes and Ionized water to bulldoze his competition and win the gold medal at a recent kickboxing tournament here in Vancouver.

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