How To Achieve Freaky Growth in Less Than 6 Weeks the Freaky Big Naturally Way

HI Everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update as I am now just 24 days away from the Natural Mr. Olympia and I wanted to give everyone a head’s up to some bodybuilding breakthroughs that I have made in the last 6 weeks.

Due to the limited time of my preparations for the show, I recognized I had to break all my previous mental constructs about what is possible for training and recovery. After I assessed my physique after my wins at the INBA Canadian IVKAR Cup Nationals, I realized that I needed to make some major improvements to stand up against the world’s best at the INBA Natural Mr. Olympia.

Basically, I needed to bigger, and leaner and in record time… perhaps that sounds familiar?

So I took a hard look at the Muscle Mastery Course which I recently released with Matt Gallant and concentrated on how I could tweak these principles and basically compress time. Here’s what I came up with.

Instead of training my whole body once per week or even twice, I decided to train it 3 times per week.

I split my workouts into a double split routine, training legs and shoulders superset fashion in the morning, arms and abs in the evening. Then the second day is sprinting on the rebounder in the morning, and chest, back and calves in the afternoon. I repeat the cycle and take a day off when my body is really tired which is usually every 4th or fifth day.

Volume is extremely high as I do between 35-40 sets per workout and reps ranges from 12-4 with the rep cycling program as outlined in the Muscle Mastery course.

I am also pounding loads of ionized water and huge amounts of MassZymes, Precision Probiotics, and hemp protein. My diet is very bare bone with hemp, apples, and hemp oil as the main staple with a salad thrown in once a day. I will eat some more complex carbs every 3-4 days to keep energy levels high and my muscles full.

I also see my chiropractor once every 2 weeks, and add a massage in there every two weeks plus a host of vitamins, minerals, Vitamin C and super nutrients to fuel my training. Although my diet is very low in Calories it’s so nutrient dense, I have plenty of energy for intense bodybuilding workouts.

The results.

I am up 8.5 pounds since the show and I am way leaner. This of course is remarkable gains that have even surpassed my wildest expectations. With just over 3 weeks left for the show, I hope to add a couple more pounds of muscles and take off another 2-4 pounds of fat to come in razor sharp for the big day.

So what’s the bottom line… Basically, after 20 years of training I broke past all previous records because I reached through what was possible and reached for the impossible. I firmly believe that this mental approach has been a key component in the results. The funny thing is, it took this long to get to the point where I was willing to let go of what I know, to discover something I didn’t. That’s the beauty of surrendering to the impossible. I suggest you do the same in your workouts and see what you can achieve!


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