HOLY COW BATMAN – I have been nominated for Athlete of the Year!

Bro, can you believe it?!

I have just been nominated for Athlete of the Year
at the Best of Raw Living Expo in Sedona, AZ.
(FEB. 22,23,24.)

Who would have believed that a bodybuilding
champion would make the short list at this very
prestigious event?

I am going to get straight to the point.

It would be really great if I won the award,
not because I need the title (although it’s super
cool) but for a much bigger cause.

You see, I would like to win the
Male Athlete of the Year‘ award so that
we could increase the exposure of
how to build muscle on a plant-based diet.

You see, there are so many people sucking
back way to much animal proteins, because
they feel there are no other options for building

I have no “beef” against people that eat meat.
Heck, I did it for many years.

Did you know, if everyone on the planet cut out
one meat meal per day, and replaced it with a
plant based meal, we would have a dramatic
positive impact on the environment.

That’s because raising livestock takes up so
much land, consumes so much water, and
increases greenhouse gases, waste etc.

With 7 Billion people now on the planet
competing for space, we have to think
GLOBALLY with all our choices if we are
to continue to thrive as a species.

As you all know, I literally lived on a
plant-based diet, and my favourite protein
source is Protein Breakthrough
which is totally made from one of the
most environmentally friendly plants on the

The fact I have been nominated to speak
for an award can really help increase the
profile of the power of a plant based diet.

So I am asking you “Please Vote For Me”
because it’s a vote for you and everyone else
who wants to improve the health of humanity.

I have been travelling and speaking all
around the world, speaking about the benefits
of a plant based power diet for building muscle,
athletic performance, and cosmetic ideals. And
most of all super-natural health and vitality.

The message is in more demand than ever,
and together we can help get the message out
to more and more people.

Winning this award would help increase exposure,
get more plant based options in your local stores,
and increase public awareness.

Ultimately, this is good for the health of humanity,
the environment, and it’s a win for all of us strength
athletes who are often pegged as self interested

It will only take you a couple of seconds, and I
would super appreciate your help.

You can find me in the following category:

Male Athlete – Just go to this link:


(Click ‘Male Athlete tab’, Scroll down to me -
I am at the bottom of the page – and cast your vote).

Be sure to check out all the other super
interesting people who are going to be attending
and speaking at the event in Sedona.

I sure hope you can make it too!

And we can connect after one of the talks
I will be giving.

Wait until you see all the cool people, places,
products and media listed at the event:

The creator and founder of Best of Raw, Laura Fox,

“We have created the Best of Raw Awards to honor
and celebrate those who are educating humanity about
adding more raw organic plant foods to the diet to
increase health, decrease our eco-footprint, and raise
our spirits”.

The winners of the Best of Raw Awards are going to be
announced at the Raw Living Expo.

This fabulous event takes place in Sedona, AZ
on Feb 22-23-24.

I hope you can make it. this is going to be the
best raw event ever.


Here’s where to cast your vote: www.BestofRawFoods.com

Find out more about the Raw Living Expo (including bus tours
to the event and back) here:

→ http://www.rawlivingexpo.com/


Wade T Lightheart CSNA
a.k.a. The Raw Champion

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