HGH Scams

Why did the NFL begin testing for HGH and who’s trying to scam you.

Hey Man,

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy,
it’s how unscrupulous marketers try
and take advantage of the news.
Currently, there is a major race behind
supplement companies looking to cash in
on the Growth Hormone Sweepstakes.

This year, the NFL became the first
Pro-Sports league to test for
Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Interestingly enough, as soon as an organization
bans a product or starts testing for it,
an immediate spike in sales for that product
starts to happen…

A whole bunch of companies jumped on board including
GH releasers, sprays, time released products, homeopaths,
and even MLM companies jumped into the game claiming
that they had the greatest anti-aging benefits.

Bodybuilders also got caught in the GH-mania
and a whole pile of Bodybuilding companies
such as Secratogue – plans jumped on board
to create some version of a GH product.
There was only one thing that all these companies
had in common – their products didn’t work!!!

Anyways, after a while, the GH supplement business lost steam
and the products died out of the market. Over the last few years,
the products getting the most hype that have taken over the
mainstream market are either testosterone boosters or
energy stimulants.

This year with the NFL announcement, Matt and I figured there would be a rush on GH products.

The reason being that everybody thinks that if something is banned
or scrutinized, it must work. Since most people are desperate for gains,
they will try anything once. Matt and I know cuz we’ve been there
and done that in our careers, and we know how bad guys like you
and me want to put on another few pounds of muscle.

We feel it’s our responsibility to see if we can locate
a product that can safely raise your natural GH levels.

In fact, we went on a fact finding mission to see if anybody out there
could really produce a product that can naturally increase your
GH production.

Growth hormone promises to be the safe magic bullet to solid LBM gains
without putting on fat. Herbal science has advanced significantly
in the last 20 years so it’s possible to build a natural GH- Booster.
Every natural athlete worth his/her metal is interested in getting
their GH levels higher, in a safe fashion, as it’s going to improve

Over the last few months, we have combed the labs
and have learned a great deal about this market.
In the meantime, bogus products are being sold
to bodybuilders looking to get bigger, leaner, and stronger.

Amazingly enough, we managed to find a reputable herbal chemist
who says he has cracked the code. I am still a bit skeptical
but he does have blood tests demonstrating its’ results.

These amazing results were called “outstanding”
by an unbiased Doctor who supervised the tests.
The testing protocol quantified 24 hour growth hormone levels.
The initial pg/24hr measurements for the three patients were
436, 676 and 169 pg/24 hours and the final results were
801, 2694 and 9850 pg/24 hours, giving outstanding results.
The average increase was 1042% for the group
and larger clinical studies are planned.
This study partially confirms the preliminary rodent data
that was the inspiration for the two supplements.

Now, I have seen manipulated data so many times I almost never
believe what I read. Matt, who is much more open than I am,
decided he was going to get a personal supply of this stuff and
put it to the test…

He’s taking blood tests to see if this really works.
If it does… this could be the biggest breakthrough
in natural sports performance this year.
If Matt’s results are positive, I’ll be next to try
the serum and I will report my results here.

The really, really cool thing is… This is NOT HGH.
Instead — this stimulates your body to produce MORE HGH
NATURALLY. How cool is that?

That’s really the ultimate scenario. We’ll see how it goes.

One thing’s for sure, if it doesn’t work like all the other crap we’ve seen, we will let you know.

*** Side note – I have been shopping all over Canada and the US
trying to find a legitimate retail version of a GH Booster
and have had no luck locating a successful brand that can be
shipped to the US or Canada. Matt lives in Panama so he’s not
subject to crazy FDA laws and received his product with no
problem. If this stuff works, I may just have to fly to Panama
myself to get some as it seems impossible to bring it into

Here’s why Growth Hormone increases could be the holy grail in high performance training.

Growth hormone is responsible for the large increases
in strength and size that teenagers go through.
It slows down every year as we age until it drops off
to about nothing by the time we are in our 40′s and above.
Athletes report that GH helps them recover from injuries faster,
and gain and maintain muscle mass even under high levels
of training stress. In fact, the more the training stress
the better GH works. This is why NFL’ers have been using it
for years. The training, combined with the violence of the game,
puts each player to the test; it’s not a question of not getting injured,
it’s about being able to recover from injuries, continue training,
and to be game ready every single week of the year.

I remember when I was a teenager I could eat massive quantities
of food and never get fat, I had energy to burn and muscle gains
came a lot easier. I didn’t store bodyfat on my abs as easy
and I could train like a maniac every single workout. If I got
smashed into the boards in hockey, fell out of tree, or got
smacked around on the football field, I recovered from my
injuries in record time.

As I have gotten older I have had to alter my training
to reflect my different hormone levels. Don’t get me wrong,
I still train hard, it’s just that I have to be much tighter
on my diet, and my recovery modalities need to be engaged
far more than when I was younger. I am also much more careful
about exercise form and I avoid doing super heavy one to
four rep sets. This helps keep my GH levels high and my injury
rate low – I suggest you do the same. Here’s a few more tips
on naturally increasing your GH levels at any age.

If you want to increase your growth hormone naturally, it can
be difficult. Going extended periods of time without food is
one way… ie. fasting. Also including high volume training,
such as Muscle Mastery Training, will also maximize your GH
outputs. Explosive training like sprinting can also be good
for your GH levels provided you allow enough recovery between
sprint sessions.

One thing’s for sure, most of the time released and concoctions
on the market won’t raise your GH levels at all. In fact many
of them may even lower your GH levels.

I personally feel that many of the products in the past worked
well in a lab but not in the real world. The reason is in the
lab you can actually deliver the precise amount of herbs, etc.,
to elicit a response directly to the cells by injection.
However, that’s not safe for the regular public.

Again, it goes back to it’s not what you take that counts,
it’s what gets transported and delivered to the muscle cells
without getting eaten up by the digestive tract. We believe
GH products that used sprays were heading in the right
direction. If only these guys could have found a better way
to absorb the spray, we may not have a GH Drug problem in
sports at all.

It only makes sense that the cells of the body need to be primed
in order to absorb any supplement. With the Muscle Mastery
Training System we show people how to increase cellular uptake
with the use of MassZymes, Restructured Ionized Micro-clustered
Water, specialized dietary plans and scientifically designed
training programs.

The next leap will be in combining the right herbs for creating
the release and the right herbs to allow the body to absorb.
If this can be done then we have a shot at actually making a
real, legitimate, legal and safe alternative to GH drugs.

I am totally excited about the possibility but I really need to
experience the results before I am a believer. In any case, we
will keep you posted.

Train Hard, Train Natural, Train Muscle Mastery

Wade & Matt

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