Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi there,

Today I have an interesting story. It’s one about a lot
of what you would think are tragedies. But if you stay
with me, I am going to show you how you can turn a
challenge into a triumph.

You see, a few days ago I went to San Francisco. I was
very excited to go there because I have been attempting
to go to San Francisco for over 12 years. Each time
I attempted to go, something happened to mess up my trip.
This was always perplexing as I have traveled to almost
every major city in the United States and Canada without
any mishaps.

Filled with excitement, I drove all the way up from
Los Angeles. As soon as I got there, I parked in front
of Whole Foods to get my customer salad, and to book
my hotel room.

When I came out an hour later, the back window had been
smashed out of my rental truck and a number of my belongings
stolen, including my brand new SD501 platinum!

So there I stood in the pouring rain, calling the police
to make a report and make an inventory of all of my stuff,
then the rental agency, etc.

Basically, my entire evening was spent dealing with the
logistics of theft. Not what I planned but you have got
to make lemons out of lemonade.

Once I completed the calls, got settled in my hotel,
I spent the rest of the evening reflecting on the events
that led up to this moment.

I realized that you have no control over a lot of things
that happen in life.

The big realization is you do you have control over how
you’re going to respond. Rather than bemoan the loss
of clothes and items which total over 7000 dollars,
I thought…

“I wonder what new cool things are going to happen to me.”

I believe that when something is taken away for you,
it is God’s way of making room for something bigger to
come into your life. I believe that something bigger is
going to come into my life.

I believe that the events that transpired are somehow
moving in my favour. I don’t understand how it’s going to
turn out now but I do believe that a year or two years,
maybe even five years from now, I’ll be amazed with the
new level of integration I have achieved. I am going to
use this event as a marking point for a new chapter in
my life.

Starting with that thought, here’s what I was able to

The first thing I did notice was that I wasn’t that upset.
I wasn’t victimized, I didn’t get angry. Yes, I was
disappointed about having to replace my machine.

I wasn’t overjoyed with the time it took to report
everything… a process that I am still in the midst
of working out. Though I am truly happy about my ability
to handle something that 20 years ago I would have reacted
completely differently to and that’s an exciting

This event gave me evidence of personal progress.
My capacity to handle challenges has increased and
that’s something I can be happy about.

How does one handle challenges?

3 things.

Ask yourself: What is the perfection at this moment?

Second Ask yourself what aspect of myself is being
reflected back at me?

Since we are all one, can I have compassion for the person
who stole my stuff?… Imagine how tragic their life must
be to feel the need to vandalize and steal from others
to support their desires/needs. I bless them and hope
their lives turn around.

Finally, recognize that everything in life is temporary.

Health, wealth, friends, lovers, children, family and
possessions will all have to be let go of when you
leave this planet. If I can truly embrace this concept
then I can let go of them now. I will not see the loss
in the events in life.

Following this process allows me to fully appreciate
the people in my life, the possessions I do have, and
the wonderful gift of existence as it really is…
There are so many things to be happy about, so many things
to experience, so much good and positivity in the world
that you could spend a lifetime just giving thanks for
our blessings!!!

This Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks to you, my friend,
for connecting with me via this email and for being
a part of my life. I want to wish you the greatest joy
this year and beyond by encouraging you to look at the
positives in life instead of the negatives. Give thanks
for both as sometimes what looks to be a negative can be
a positive and what seems to be a positive can turn out

That’s the juxtaposition of existence and the proof that
our minds are really not able to figure out the truth.

I wish for you peace, happiness and unending and
unconditional love for now and for always. To experience
this state is the greatest gift you can have…
it requires no money, no friend, no lovers, no family,
no possessions.

It’s a choice, not always easy at first, but when
practiced this choice adds a new dimension to your life.
Over time, you can laugh at hardship, bless those who
take from you, love those who hate you, forgive those who
have wronged you, and remember those who’ve forgotten you.

Love is not the answer – Love is the way!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

From your friend,

Wade T Lightheart

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