Freaky Big Natural Thinking Vs. Freaky Small Thinking

Everyday, I get all kinds of questions from individuals who wish to get bigger or leaner and most of them are making the same mistakes.

They are simply focusing on Trivial aspects of diet or exercise without developing a Big Picture Plan.

The lack of a big picture, makes everything so complicated, and gets bodybuilders stuck in the Dance of Delusion in the Land of Confusion, drifting from supplement to supplement or program to program or expert to expert. This can go on for decades and believe me, I have seen it happen.

I am going to illustrate this with a question I fielded on the Muscle Mastery boards today to illustrate the point. Hopefully, you will see if you are doing the same thing in your training or diet. If you’re not big picture oriented you will have a very challenging time trying to achieve your goals because you tend to focus on details instead of concepts or visions. Big visions always lead to big success. It’s not that details are not important, it’s that they have no meaning unless you set the goal. The goal determines meaning for the details and allow for corrections over time as well as it facilitates learning.

Okay, enough philosophy… here’s the question and my answer. I welcome your comments. Notice how I answer the real problem not the perceived problem in this fellow’s question.


hey all just a question that i wanted to ask for long, would i still manage to grow from eating the same meal repeated throughout the day? cause a meal will consist of peanut butter sandwich, small salad with tomato cucumber sprouts and more, 1 orange, and usually 2 bananas with 3 enzymes. another meal would be 2 eggs with two slices of bread, and salad with the same amount of fruit with 2-3 enzymes. sometimes i might add avocado kiwi fruit apples and more. but my main concern is will i still have a weight loss while getting bigger? thanks

Here’s my answer:

(Name left out), again your exhausting energy into the hypothetical. Your question is obscure, full of contrasts, and not based on results.

I am not trying to criticize you merely to point out that you follow one of the diets as laid out in the book, and simply adjust the calories every two weeks until you’re improving your lean body mass ratio at a steady pace. What you really need to do is start believing in yourself and your abilities.

Decide on a weight you want to be at a given body fat percentage say 200 pounds at 10 percent fat. Simply train as hard as possible and don’t miss workouts. Program your mind with the psychodynamic bodybuilding CD to leverage your subconscious, and eat like a horse. Once you get your body weight over the desired amount then adjust your diet to lean out to the desired body fat percentage.

Let’s say you’re currently 180 at 20 percent. That means your Lean Body Mass is 154lbs and you have 36 pounds of fat.

If your goal is 200 pounds at 10 percent, your Lean Body Mass should be 180lbs of Lean Body Mass.

This means you need to add 26 pounds of muscle and drop 16 pounds of Fat.

It’s been my experience that getting leaner is way easier than putting on muscle. So to reach your goals as quickly as possible I would suggest you HIT the 5 or 6 Day foundation for the next 6 months and eat everything in sight while loading up on Masszymes and Precision Pro-biotics to get your digestive and metabolic systems optimized.

If you’re doing everything right, it will probably take you 6 months to make the half way point ie. 210lbs at 20 percent which would put you at 169 lbs of LBM with 41 pounds of fat. At this stage perform and Endless Growth routine for 12-16 weeks and follow a strict diet as outlined in the cutting diets. You could then get your body to around 180 at 10 percent which would give you a 162 lbs of LBM, and 18 pounds of fat.

At this stage you could go back on the foundation until you cracked the the 225lb mark with a bodyfat percentage of 20 percent or less. This would mean your LBM would be over 180 pounds. Again follow a diet and an endless growth routine to get your body fat down to 10 percent at 200 pounds.

So if you performed 6 months Foundation, 3 months Endless growth, 6 months Foundation 3 months endless growth the whole process would take you a year and half which is really fast.

At that stage, you could move over to a Muscle Mastery program or continue the cycle up and down until your ultimate size and definition is reached.

Also, I would recommend at this stage a cycle diet as outlined in the course.

So you see how you need to think about the Big Picture first as opposed to sticky details. Once the Big picture is clear, the details become apparent, and you simply adjust your actions as you go along.

Unfortunately for most, they do just the opposite. Building a Big Picture is paramount to your success in this game or any other. So start visualizing this now instead of focusing on little details.

Extra note:

This question was posted on how to get leaner section but in reality getting leaner or getting bigger are very obscure statements that stall results. Clearly define what you want. It was obvious to me that this individual wanted to get bigger and leaner but had conflicting statements and therefore conflicting results in his training.

So to be successful I simply laid out a formula. While rarely do things go exactly as mapped out, setting definable goals and ways of measuring them gives a person markers to show progress. This then builds confidence as over time, one sees one’s self progressing to these goals. Small improvements are noticed over time, adjustments can be made, and programs and diet can be optimized.

This is why Bodybuilders at the highest level can routinely gain or lose 20-30 pounds in just a few months. The reason is they have learned how to optimize their diet and training to get bigger or to get leaner. While the same possibilities are available to the novice and the advanced athlete, the novice has no experience and therefore lacks confidence and know-how to get the job done. The advanced bodybuilder has been there and done that and achieves the goals easily because of the combination of experience and belief.

If you’re a novice, leverage the experience and belief of an advanced bodybuilding mentor and your results will triple. Again though, this all about thinking big vs thinking small.


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