First Round Knock Out in the Gold Medal Match

Hey bro,

Mixed Martial Arts is all about speed, power and endurance.
And to be at your best you need to have free flowing blood
that allows you to get maximum amount of oxygen to your
muscles, deliver maximum amount of protein to repair damage
from workouts (or your from your opponents).

Recently, I was introduced to a budding young superstar in
the Muay Thai Kickboxing world by the name of Scott
Finlayson. His legendary trainer says Scott is going to be
a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.

First off, the kid is like 6’5″ and weighs 260 lbs.
Despite all his physical gifts, when we took a look at
Scott’s blood under the microscope it revealed exactly what
I expected.

Despite all the fighting, cardio, and workouts, Scott’s
blood cells were stuck together like Glue. The technical
term for this is called Rouleau. When I asked Scott about
his diet he was doing the classic muscle building fat
burning diet. He was drinking multiple whey protein shakes
per day, eating whole wheat bread, and drinking Reverse
Osmosis Water.

I told Scott – based on what his blood looked like, this diet and
hydration program was definitely going to cut his career down
before he got started.

I immediately told him to switch from Whey Protein to Hemp
Protein, take 5 MassZymes with each meal and twice on an
empty stomach (before training, and mid afternoon). I also
told him to stop drinking reverse osmosis or bottled water
and switch to the absolute premium ionized water on the
planet. More on this in an upcoming email.

10 days later his blood made massive improvements. His
fight was one week later and he bulldozed his competition.
Scott’s trainer stated that Scott’s Cardio conditioning and
training sessions took a massive leap in that short period
of time.

4 days after the fight, we tested him again and his blood was
even better. Experience tells me it will take somewhere between
10-14 weeks to completely eliminate all the sludge from his system
and to make his blood perfect.

Masszymes is a key component in this equation because it
will actually go into the blood stream and grab those
undigested proteins that act like glue on the blood cells.
The result is Scott’s recovery will continue to improve,
his capacity to get more oxygen to his muscles will spike
radically allowing him to fully realize the incredible
potential that he possesses.

My question to you is,
Are you taking massive amounts of protein?
If you are, your blood probably looks a lot like Scott’s
or worse. Long term, this will cut your gains, create all
kinds of digestive problems, and ultimate spawn a breeding
ground of disease in your belly.

If you don’t believe me, go get yourself tested with a live
blood cell analysis in your local community and see for
yourself. Finally, get on Masszymes for a minimum of 4
months. Switch your whey protein to a hemp powder like, and finally drop the energy
sucking reverse osmosis water from machines and taps, and
get onboard with a premium ionized water.

Get on the solution,

Wade T. Lightheart
3 Time National Natural Bodybuilding Champ

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