Falling off your new years resolution?… Try This!

I don’t know about you, but many people
begin falling off their New Year’s Resolution
around now.

But not me… and not my close friends
Paul and Kasandra.

Paul is one of the Scrawny to Brawny coaches,
and Kasandra is the Kung Fu Circus Super Mom.













Both are total beasts in the gym, and their energy
for training is awesome.

I started the day at 199.8 lbs, down from the
205.8 lbs I peaked at during the Christmas holidays.







That’s a lot of weight for a guy barely 5’8″.
My current body fat is around 14.7, which is
my highest level in 5 years.

Over the holidays, I went to town to push my weight
and metabolism to the max, while taking advantage
of the holiday seasonal trimmings… MMMMmmm!

Anyways, I put on 15lbs in just 4 weeks, so I figure
it will take 6-8 to get back down to single digit body
fat levels.

Both Paul and Kasandra are blessed or “cursed”,
depending on your view of very fast metabolisms.

They are looking to ADD some muscle mass,
whereas I am looking to keep my muscle mass
while losing the lard.

So in order to hit our goals, we have all been
slamming Protein Breakthrough like it’s going
out of style.

My two comrades decided they would join me
in an ‘Epic Metabolic Mastery Hybrid Workout’
designed by my friend and business partner
Matt Gallant.

I have three words to describe this workout:


Anyways, we Giant set 3 exercises for 6 sets,
each with NO REST between exercises.

It’s killa and it works.

=> you can get the program by purchasing:

Anyways, we were doing crazy exercises
like Spiderman’s, Bulgarian Split squats, along
with old faithfuls like pulldowns and incline
db presses.

We had to pick ourselves off the floor after every
round, and keep in mind there were 6 rounds per
sequence, and 3 Giant set sequences.

That means something like 54 sets in total,
crammed into a 1 hour workout!

Take that FAT cells.

Anyways, after the workout we hit Whole Foods for
an epic salad, some tasty Kombucha’s, and most of
all some great vibes.








It’s really fun training, eating, and sharing the fun of
fitness with the people you love.
It also makes a truly challenging workout a
whole lot more fun.

Until next time,
Be well,
Stay Awesome!

Wade T Lightheart
AKA the RAW Champion

OH yeah I almost forgot to mention.
If you tune in today at 11:30 PST to
you can catch my interview on building
muscle on a plant based diet.

Hope to see you there!

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Breakthrough list will get the new program called
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