Cool data: 7 surprising research experiments

When we created the ultimate natural GH solution. We went deep into research.

Here’s the scientific proof that GH-Xcelerator works:

Ghrelin boost GH:

Puerarin extract boost GH levels up to 1000% in experiment.

Here’s scientific proof that GH-Maximizer works:

Arginine stimulates GH by blocking somatostatin:

The stacking power of L-Dopa with GHRH

Sexual powers go up with mucuna pruriens:

Here’s more research on mucuna pruriens sexual powers

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits
go here:

Live large,

Wade & Matt

P.S. BTW — we’re going to take down the offer on Thursday night.

We’ve almost hit our goal. We have room for a few more people. So if you’re interested now is the time.

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