Celebrate Christ-MASS

Yo dude,

Well if the world doesn’t end today we will
have Christmas and I gotta say I am excited
about that.

Years ago, I used to worry and fret about
putting on the extra pounds over the holidays,
but I have learned there’s probably no better
time to train super hard, while your celebrating
the holidays.

Matt and I have been hitting the gym hard with
some Crazy Workouts over the last week here
in snowy New Brunswick.

We’ve also been “cooking up” some crazy
proteinbreakthrough dishes that will blow your
mind and put the MASS into Christmas.

Yep, We are literally hitting the gym every day
with a unique 6X9 Metabolic Massmas routine.
Matt designed this baby and man oh man does
it hit the system in a unique way.

My weight has already shot back up over 200lbs
- a place I haven’t approached in a few years. The
new protein has helped me add extra Christmas
calories, and has my chest, back and legs back
growing like weeds.

Of course we are taking extra Masszymes to
help digest some of the epic meals we are consuming,
and yes we are putting on some extra pounds, and
we suggest follow the same routine.

The reason: periodically massive calorie infusions help
boost your metabolism to the max.

As soon as the holidays are done, I’ll be hitting our
new chocolate diet hard – IN fact I suspect I’ll slice
10-15 pounds off in the first month. And we are going
to show you how to do the same as soon as the
new year begins.

I have found over the years that it takes twice as long
to lose fat as it takes to gain it.

So I am shooting for a 5-6 pound gain in muscle,
which will be a 8-10 pound gain in fat over the holidays,
which span 3 weeks.

That means it will take approximately 6 weeks to lose
all the fat, while maintaining the muscle, and another
2 weeks to stabilize at that weight and get the skin nice
and tight.

That will take us to the Raw Spirit Expo in Sedona, AZ
which I will be speaking at. If you get a chance, come
by the expo and say hi as we would love to meet you.

So finally, if you’re gaining a little extra lard over the
holidays, be sure to train hard and gain some muscle too.

We will help you slice it and dice it in the new year, and
you will look and feel better than ever before.

Stay tuned and Happy Holidays,

Your friends,

Wade & Matt

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