Bodybuilding Nutrition Wade’s Diet Log Day 21 of 21 Day Challenge

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Meal 1 Vegetarian omelette with hash browns and 2 waffles with raspberries, whip cream and maple syrup

Meal 2 3 slices of vegetarian pizza, feta and spinach

Meal 3 150g of raw organic cheese, leslie stowes pecan raisin organic crackers, 1 liter of clean green

Meal 4 150 organic potato chips, 1 Raspberry revolution, Hagen Daz ice cream

Supplements Daily Intake

3 Hemp Protein from
1 teaspoon of Green Super foods
2 Minerals Caps
1 tablespoon of Colloidal Minerals
1 teaspoon of Vitamin-C

50 MassZymes form
5 Cellulase Enzymes
1 Tablespoon of Magnesium
4-6 liters of PH balanced Water

Biofeedback: Well, today is the pig out day on all the foods that I considered during the dieting phase… NO holds bar as the depletion from the weeks allows for supercompensation today. Tomorrow,I will be up 4-6 pounds but I’ll be lower than my weight yesterday by the end of the week. That’s how the cycle diet works.

Many people are surprised when I throw down all the food like this on a high calorie day and they can’t figure out how I stay lean, but it’s all about timing, discipline, and enjoying oneself. I don’t eat like this regularly but when I do I don’t feel guilty, I enjoy every bite and then the next day I am back to my routine… Usually very happy to do so as well. LOL!!!!

Anyway, I’ll be blogging more in the coming weeks about what’s up next and I hope you have enjoyed the 21 day challenge!!!

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