Bodybuilding Competitions and Natural Bodybuilding

Recently, I was asked about my recent success on the Muscle Mastery Insider boards and I thought I would post it here to illustrate the whole point of competing.

What Competitions are all about.

For me, contests are not about winning our losing, it’s merely an opportunity to focus one’s energies and to leverage one’s efforts to achieve a desired outcome.

At one time, contests were a be all and end all but now it’s more about having a good time, doing my best, and of course, as a tool to promote natural bodybuilding and it’s benefits.

I had no intention of competing just a few weeks ago yet now I am heading into the biggest contest to date.

Quite strange really.

Still, I do derive some satisfaction from winning as it is nice, and it’s generated a lot of excitement about how it was possible for me to walk into a show with a couple of weeks preparation and then end up winning.

The bottom line is… Lifestyle.

When you live, train, and eat the Muscle Mastery way, you stay in near contest shape all the time. Not only that, you also enjoy a level of health and well being that few people can even imagine.

I see the contest as an opportunity to share with others what’s possible and that building a healthy, fit body is possible no matter what level a person is in now. Not everyone will compete or win a national title but everyone can benefit from the principles of Natural Bodybuilding.

And for that I will gladly compete, write articles, create books, etc. as I sincerely wish to promote the benefits of the lifestyle and these titles and contests help achieve that end.

That being said though, it’s still pretty cool winning a couple more titles. More importantly, will be experimenting with my contest preparations for the upcoming Natural Olympia.

I will be trying a few new things and I will be happy to share the details with all of you insiders. It’s my strong intention to show up in my best condition ever, which is a reasonable goal.

You cannot control the outcome of a contest, but you can control one’s own efforts, which is what contests are all about.

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