Beware of the Anabolic Asshole!!!

Yes, you know who he is.
The zit-marked dude yelling in the corner of the gym
with bloated belly, veins coming all over the place,
wearing the sweat stained T-shirt that reads some crazy
tag line like “get big or die”.

These guys are always sharing info how you need to get on
the latest stack, or looking for the new fat burning drug

What’s challenging is these guys are very convincing
because generally they are bigger than everyone in the gym.
They train hard, eat the protein and the pills and seem to
always be encouraging the other dudes in the gym to pick up
some of the latest sauce.

The Anabolic Asshole always has some upcoming roid monkeys
who hang around to get the latest cycle news or to cuss out
some smaller natural guy, or worse how some pro got too
fat, sick, or incarcerated for their use of illegal

Bottom line is, if you’re smart, stay away from these guys.
They exert a subtle influence on you that will take you
down steroid street faster than a moonshine-infused drag
racer. It all looks good til you get to the end of the
street cuz dragsters get there fast, but can’t make the
turns that life inevitably throws at you. And most of the
dragsters end up blown to bits.

Drugs offer a quick exhilarating vibe where you can get
away with poor training and unhealthy diet practices.
However, it’s kind of like paying your mortgage off with
your credit card. Sooner or later, you’re going to run out
of credit and that’s when you pay a heavier price.

Muscle Mastery offers a real viable option to the drug
fused dead end route of anabolic alley. We show you how to
safely add muscle naturally that you will keep your whole
life. We show how to get the lean muscular look that girls
go wild for, and that every athlete craves.

So if you haven’t grabbed your copy, don’t waste another
moment. Choose the best, pass on the rest and don’t let
anyone steal your dreams.

Your friend and ally,

Wade Lightheart
3 Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion
The ultimate amino acid activator
The cleanest, meanest protein ever

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