A super simple diet that works…

In my last email — I went deep into how you can transform
your body in 3 weeks.

Now let’s talk about eating.

When I “Conquered The Californian Fat Cats”, their diet was super simple:

  • 1 liter of water and massive amounts of Masszymes and minerals in the morning with a total of 6-8 liters of water per day (1 1/2 to 2 gallons per day)
  • Train
  • Sauna
  • Super power shake with Masszymes and plant based protein and frozen berries
  • Rebounding
  • Massive water intake with more Masszymes
  • A trip to the Whole Foods Salad Bar for an amazingly large salad filled with all kinds of low calorie vegetables and a tasty glass of Kombucha.
  • More rebounding and water, and another super shake in the afternoon
  • And then, an all out Muscle Mastery Training session followed by another sauna session.

After the workouts, we went out to either a sushi restaurant
or a restaurant that served lean chicken, fish, or bison,
with a fistful of carbs from either potatoes or rice, and
lots of vegetables.

This was the schedule each and everyday.

Six days on, one day off, for training.

Every 4th workout was a sprint session.

8 sprints for 30 seconds with one minute rests.

We even did ours in the sand to make them as tough as possible.

Sprinting in the sand has gotta be the most intense running ever.

By week two, the Masszymes, diet and training began to really work.
The guys were taking 50 Masszymes a day and the cellular
transformation had become a reality. They had stopped the afternoon naps,
muscle soreness had begun to dwindle and energy levels improved
radically from the first week.

At the halfway mark, we did bodyfat percentages, weigh ins
and measurements.

I had to recheck the measurements and calculations twice
because I had never seen guys gain so much muscle and lose
so much bodyfat.

The results were so strong, most physiologists would say they
were impossible but they weren’t.

One guy lost 6% bodyfat in 11 days and the other guys lost 5
and 3 percent each.

I personally dropped 4% percent bodyfat while slapping on
3 pounds of muscle which is reasonable considering the
muscle memory that I have.

But these other guys were putting on 5, 8, and 10 pounds of
LBM which was absolutely shocking.

Needless to say, these results motivated the crew to the next level.
They decided they wanted to go flat out for the next 10 days
without a break. They did extra sets for abs, they stayed in
the sauna longer, they jumped on the rebounder longer,
and they slammed back more Masszymes daily
to assist in the transformation.

They ran harder, trained harder, were more stringent on the diet
and they encouraged each other to go past what they thought was possible.

The positive vibes and support between the guys created an amazing bond.

The gym became like a TV show circus and the guys drove harder than ever.

At day 21 we took to the scales and the tape measure.

One guy lost 13% bodyfat from the beginning and put on 18 pounds of mass.
The second guy lost 12% bodyfat and gained 15 pounds of mass.
The third guy lost 6% bodyfat and gained 10 pounds of mass.
Interestingly enough, the third guy was the most in shape
so his results were still just as impressive.

After we were all done, the guys vowed to stay on the program.

I put them all on the regular Muscle Mastery program
combined with the powerful strategies laid out in the
“How To Stay Lean While Getting Huge” report.

I’ll be connecting with all the guys over the next week
to see where they are at. So far, they are all on the program
and the diet, and feeling better than they have in years.

The question is:
Are you next?

Get on the program
Commit to yourself,

Wade Lightheart
3-time national natural bodybuilding champion

P.S. HUGE announcement is coming… I haven’t been this excited about something in a loooong time.
Keep your eyes open baby!

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