5 killer tips to kickstart 2012 (plus a cool gift)

Here we are, my friend.

Another day, another year.

Why not make this the greatest year of your life?

Why not give it everything you’ve got
and see what kind of transformation
we can create together?

Here are 5 powerful tips that can make this year the best year ever:

TIP #1: Increase the alkalinity of your body to improve recovery by consuming Ionized Alkalized Water.

There’s a lot of scams out there. So don’t buy a machine yet.
I will reveal the truth about these devices very, very soon.

There’s a lot of information and research demonstrating the benefits
of using ionized water in training and I personally believe this water
has really helped with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and improved recovery.

Long term effects of high PH usage do need to be altered
with various body types, training protocols, and dietary

TIP #2. Eat a plant based diet loaded with enzymes loaded with protease

My current diet is 80 percent raw, 20 percent cooked,
high in enzymes (and use enzymes loaded in proteases like
Masszymes), minerals and probiotics, and I
train 6 days per week doing weights, sprinting, and
rebounding at moderately high volume levels.

I have found athletes who consume a considerable amount of meat
generally do better on higher PH levels than 8.5.

Of course, Mineral levels should be monitored through hair analysis
to check that it is correct ratios of minerals.
Mineral content of water source affects the final effect
of Ionized Water and therefore can influence the results
for individuals.

These are considerations that everybody needs to address
to ensure the efficacy of using Ionized Water in combination
with a mostly alkaline diet.

TIP #3: Commit to regular blood testing:

Get regular blood work to measure your hormone levels.
Live blood cell testing to track enzyme levels, oxygen
carrying capacity and presence of pathogens, like bacteria,
viruses etc.

This can be really exciting as you can look at how your training
and diet can positively affect your inner chemistry.
You can prove the efficacy of any supplement, diet or
training regimen and take the guesswork out of your program.

This is how we discovered the effectiveness of the ultimate natural GH stack.

The doors are closed — however, you can get on the hot list by going here:

TIP #4. Take your tracking to new heights.

“What you measure improves.”
This is a well known truth in business.

And it’s an underrated truth in training.

I recommend you use Matt’s tracking report
and measure your results EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY
for 2012.

This really focuses you to new levels.

When Matt started tracking his results every week –
a lot of new insights got revealed.

Here’s one of the biggest ones:

“The best results you can get from training are:

A) The week before you hit “acute overtraining”
B) The week after you come out of “acute overtraining”

Results really go down the drain when you hit overtraining.
Matt could lose 1 to 2 lbs of muscle in 1 or 2 weeks of overdoing it.

We would never have known this without the tracking.

Here’s the tracking protocol:

Here’s the tracking report:

Which leads us to:

TIP #5. Learn how and when to push your body to the edge… And when to back off.

Too many people get locked into 1 form of training or another.
That’s a huge mistake.

The answer is NOT “big volume” and it’s NOT “low volume high intensity”.

The ultimate answer is: CYCLE YOUR TRAINING.

Push your body to the edge by “ramping up”.

And then ramp down and watch the growth explode.

Muscle Mastery gives you amazing ramp up/ramp down solutions that work wonders.

If you implement these 5 tips — you WILL have the best year ever.

Live Large,

Wade & Matt

P.S. Here’s the best news:
We’re going to give you an amazing discount next week on the Muscle Mastery System.

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