3 pathways to increase your growth hormone levels

There are 3 main pathways for human growth hormone release:

  1. The first one is GHRP, the growth hormone releasing hormone.
  2. Then there’s GHSR, the growth hormone secretagogue receptor.
  3. The third one is somatostatin.

We’re going to hit all 3 of these in a very specific way
in order to boost your natural levels of HGH.

Let’s dive into the science and research behind the GH-Xcelerator…

One of the key ingredients is an amazing Asian plant
called kudzu (scientific latin name is: Radix Puerariae).
And the key extract from this plant is called Puerarin.

Puerarin binds to the growth hormone releasing hormone receptor
and causes growth hormone release.

And then the other key ingredient in the GH-Xcelerator is morus alba.
It’s a special kind of white mulberry extract.

These super cool berries have a natural hormone in them called ghrelin.
Ghrelin works on the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR).

There’s a ton of research that proves that if you inject ghrelin,
you get growth hormone release.
But we don’t need to do that with this formula.

In order for ghrelin to boost HGH levels you need to bypass the stomach.

That’s why the GH-Xcelerator is a sublingual spray.
Just spray 6 shots in your mouth and swish around for 1 minute.
Don’t worry — it tastes great.

When ghrelin is absorbed as a sublingual, it becomes active
and passes through the blood brain barrier, hits the pituitary gland,
and releases growth hormone.

We maximized the sublingual power of the formula
by using hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin.
Don’t let that big word confuse you.
Dextrin is a form of sugar and the “cyclo” means that
it’s a cone or a cup-like shape.

Cyclodextrin is actually an absorption enhancer,
so large molecules migrate into this cup and are then
carried into the blood stream.

Nutrients that are not water soluble like puerarin
become dissolved in this cyclodextrin mixture
and then pass through the mucosa into the blood stream.

Remember this, the key with any supplement is always:

Well, there are different types of cyclodextrin
and they’re used for different things.
Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin is the best one
because it has the most efficient absorption rate.
Once the puerarin is absorbed into your blood stream,
it acts directly on the pituitary in order to stimulate
HGH release.

However, this is only part 1 of the stack.

Once the puerarin hits the pituitary consistently for five to seven days,
it stimulates your receptors to release growth hormone which is measured
by GH and IGF-1 levels.

After your natural HGH goes through the roof,
your pituitary gland is going to release somatostatin
which blunts growth hormone release.

Formula #2, The GH-Maximizer’s purpose is to block somatostatin,
which will maximize your results.

So when you stack the GH-Maximizer with the GH-Xcelerator together,
you get the ultimate 1-2 combo because you can increase the HGH release
and prevent the shut down.

Now let’s discuss formula #2:
the GH-Maximizer.

GH-Maximizer contains all of the proven somatostatin blockers
including the 3 main amino acids: ornithine, arginine, and lysine.

By themselves, these amino acids don’t work all that well
because it only helps to increase HGH by very small amounts
when your body is within the normal range.

However, when you spike your HGH levels with GH-Xcelerator,
they become very powerful because they block your body’s
somatostatin levels from counteracting your results.
The GH-Xcelerator (GHRP and GHSR agonists)
stimulates the release of GH, IGF-1 and then the
GH-Maximizer blocks the somatostatin.

This means your muscle-building, fat-burning powers
get cranked to the max without down-regulation.

So let’s break down GH-Maximizer’s proprietary ingredients:

First, there’s arginine alpha-ketoglutarate which is basically
an arginine with glutamine attached to it. In laymen’s terms,
it’s just a more bioavailable form of arginine combined with
glutamine which also helps blunt somatostatin.
Arginine is a well-known somatostatin blocker.

Next, there’s ornithine which is a derivative of arginine.
It’s another amino acid that blocks somatostatin release.

Next, the formula contains L-Dopa.
L-Dopa increases growth hormone levels by blocking somatostatin as well.

Then there’s Astragalus which is an amazing natural plant.
In fact, Astragalus is considered a “wonder herb” in Chinese medicine.

Astragalus boosts your immune system and has also been shown
to help with growth hormone release. Now the exact mechanism
is not 100% understood yet. However, it has a proven track record
tracing back thousands of years.

Next ingredient is another amazing plant called mucuna pruriens,
which is from India. This super plant increases L-Dopa levels
and has been proven to increase a person’s sexual desire and performance.

Research has even indicated an increase in testosterone levels
when test subjects have ingested mucuna pruriens -
this was an unexpected benefit which could also give you
some obvious benefits to your muscle-building and
fat-burning goals (not to mention sexual performance).

So together, you end up with one heck of a power combination
that blunts the somatostatin release. Each of these ingredients
on their own are definitely active. However, when you combine them
with the ghrelin as well as the puerarin you get true synergy:
a multi-fold anabolic effect.

This has been proven by documented research.
We’ll give you the links below so you can check out the research
for yourself.

Scientists combined GRHR (growth hormone release hormone),
which is the synthetic version of puerarin, with L-Dopa
which is the active part of the mucuna pruriens.

And they discovered that this ultra-anabolic cocktail has a
synergistic effect when consumed together.

This is how the GH-Xcelerator and GH-Maximizer work –
except we’re giving you nature’s version (which is always
safer and healthier).

Here’s where you can lock in your supply:

Live Large,

Wade & Matt

P.S. The units are moving so we expect to shut down sales in the next couple of days.

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