Jason Amos

Hello, my name is Jason Amos. I have been a client of Scott’s off and on for the last ten years or so. A few years back after some time off I went to Scott and told him I wanted to get back at it again, but with a different goal. I wanted to be done with the bodybuilding stuff. I have nothing against it, it just wasn’t the direction I wanted to go. But I still wanted to get in shape, and being natural I didn’t know what my limitations may or may not be, but I didn’t want to get all off season fat anymore. Scott put me on a conditioning program I never would have thought of myself. It allowed for max stimulation without the threat of getting too big. Combined with Scott’s diet I got into great shape and stayed that way. Then I shared with Scott my goal to pursue some modeling and what he thought about it. Knowing I was in great shape, Scott promised me nothing but said he would make a few calls. Well before I could turn around I was doing a test shoot and since that time i have been in Musclemag, American Health and Fitness and Oxygen as far as mainstream fitness mags. I have also done calender work and other modeling gigs as well. Saying Scott knows his stuff is a huge understatement, and saying he will go out of his way to help you is just as much an understatement.

Scott adds:

Jason dedicated himself and applied himself to reach his goal of exact conditioning and development that he was happy with. He has the “look” for modeling as you can all see, but he did the work necessary and applied himself in mature and responsible ways to get where he wanted to be. He deserves a lot of credit and accolades for his achievement. I see Jason helping others now in his usual quiet and unassuming manner. He’s just a great guy. Period.