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Question on enzyme dosages from the Freaky Insider Boards

Postby WadeLightheart » Sat Dec 03, 2005 7:46 pm

Okay this started off as a response to a a board question. I thought I would it would post it in the news as I get so deep in the question it turned into an article.

So here is the report on dosage levels and my experience as well as the experience of some of my colleagues. Keep in mind this information is not written in stone nor do I intend it to be. It is also not any indication or recommendation of dosages of enzymes that anyone should take. Since no one has used a bodybuilding specific enzyme formulation I am only offering a speculation, if not an educated hypotehesis as too what a person may or may not experience or require.

The issue of enzyme tolerance to ingestion and dosage levels of highs and lows is an interesting one. Although a healing crisis may be triggered as was my experience on high dosages too date no one in over 70 years of enzyme research has experienced any prologed side effects to massive or minor intake of digestive enzymes. Quite the contrary many individuals have experienced significant improvements in health, vitality, and performance with even low dosages of enzymes. Researchers using high dosages such as Dr. Obrien, Dr. Howell, Dr. Jenson and other enzymes have used them succesfully to successfully treat fatal conditions with tremendous success.

To date there has never been an enzyme specifically developed or tested on bodybuilders/athletes to determine the effectiveness in improving sports performance, however Freaky Insiders will soon be able to take part in the first stage of an ongoing study to determine the effectiveness of enzyme supplementation on growth of muscles, bodyfat reduction, strength gains and overall performance.

Dr. Obrien one of the most knowledgable doctors in the world on enzymes and the therapeutic uses of enzymes has gone as high as 1000 in a day and never broke the GI barrier. He believes that your body will absorb every enzyme ingested and that most humans on the planet are so enzyme deficient that many thousands of capsules would have to be ingested before someone could reach birth level ratio of enzymes in the body.

Interestingly in my own experiments with enzymes I have gone as high as 100 per day for a period of 10 days. This was during an extreme cleansing, simultaneous with a fast. I dropped about 18 pounds in the 10 days and I did experience a massive liver purge of toxins that caused some pain for a couple of days. The pain lasted a period of 3 days between days 6 and 9 of the fast followed by a dramatic increaes in mental cognition and energy levels.

The temporary pain was caused by body ejecting a lifetime of toxins that had been lying in my liver, the leftover over remnants of a my wilder days. But after the cleanse I felt absolutely amazing so it was worth a little bit of discomfort for a few days. These symptoms occur rarely in other individuals but many health practitioners report them in high dosages with clients on aggressive cleanses such as myself.

In my case the healing crisis may have been triggered by other components of the cleanse not necessarily the enzymes. In medical literature these sympotoms are reported as a cleansing reaction or healing crisis which generally lasts no more than 48 hours. Dr. Howell, Dr. Jenson, and numerous other health practitioners have reported the incidence of healing crisis's in a few of there clients.

I am telling you this because it proves that your body will convert the enzymes to metabolic enzymes for whatever it needs. In my case my liver needed and overall and sure enough it happened. The final relief of the pain occurred when I vomitted pure yellow poisnonous liver bile out of my body. I can't tell you how good it felt to get that crap out of my body that had been sitting there for years. Also the mental clarity I felt during the fast was incredible as my brain functioning went through the roof by day 4 of the enzyme loading.

Of course adding a few enzymes extra to each meal will only improve your results, get you leaner and bigger faster as well as healing any pathogens not yet expressed in your body. The general rule though is the more you take the faster the results I do believe that gradual incremental increases are the best way to add enzymes to your diet so that you keep improving performance while simultaneously reducing the chances of inducing a healing crisis.

As the new enzyme formulation becomes available Matt and I are going to experiment with the dosages. In our our first test batch of enzymes at 15 Matt and I had so much energy we could not take anymore. It's really hard to describe the feeling we had but you guys will get your chance to discover it.

I normally take between 40-50 enzymes per day of a high quality enzyme formulation although after about 5000 enzymes total ingested my need/desire for them dropped and my enzyme intake is around 25-35 now. Although it is not clear exactly how many enzymes the body can handle most individuals have only 30 percent of there enzyme potential by the time they 40 years old and this study was done many years ago as reported in Dr. Howell's Book "Enzyme Nutrition". Today I suspect it would be about 30 percent at 20 years old as third generation enzyme deficiency is rampid and a big reason why North America has 50 percent of the population overweight.

I believe for most people somewhere between 1-2 kg of enzymes 6000 to 12000 enzymes (works out to somewhere between 12-24 bottles 500 tab bottles with a 360 gram capsize) to reach birth levels of enzyme content of the body. Of course the proper ratios need to be in balance but if a large portion are consumed on an empty stomach they will be converted to metabolic enzymes thus reducing the need for specifity.

Our bodybuilding enzyme formulation is based on higher protease counts due to the deficiency in protease so common in our society, especially in bodybuilders who consume massive amounts of enzyme deficient protein. I believe one of the biggest reasons babies have such astonishing growth rates is do the enzyme levels per bodyweight ratio, so I believe that by increaing the enzyme levels to that level combined with intense training exponential growth can occur.

Vegetarian animals in the animal kingdom all consme massive amounts of enzymes in there diets due to eating raw enzyme loaded diets. I believe this is the key factor to why gorillas, horses, elephants, etc are so much stronger and larger than any of the other animals. I feel that once an individual's levels of enzymes are at peak levels dramatic improvements in performance are possible. Matt, myself and a number of personal clients have experienced dramatic anecdotal evidence to suggest this too be true, but formalized studies need to be done to confirm this scientifically.

We formulated the new bodybuilding enzyme formulation with the best enzyme company in the world, and we used the best enzymes formula and raw materials on the planet. The formulator that I worked with in designing these enzymes told me that they have never created a more potent enzyme combination and our very excited and interested in what results we obtain.

So Very soon the Insiders will get there chance to be the first people on the planet to try the first ever Bodybuilding Enzyme Formulation ever created. We will be looking for insiders who are interested in charting their results over a period of time of at least 6 months. This way we can have a long term preliminary study of the effects of this new enzyme formulation.

Of course I am going to push my own intake to the max to find out tolerance levels and I will be reporting my own results right here on the Freaky Insider. I can tell you one thing I think this is going to be the biggest breakthrough in Natural Bodybuilding and I could not be happier to share with such a great bunch of guys on these boards.

Breaking news is that I just found out last night that the labels will be arriving at the factory to be put ont the bottles. That means Matt who is in charge of logistics should be making an announcment about when the new enzymes will be available. Keep in mind we only have 200 bottles available so they will probably go fast. Matt and I are taken 10 bottles each as is fitness girl so we are down to 170 bottles. As insiders you guys get first crack at the first batch but i don't expect they will be many left.
I am so excited as it looks like we will get them in the Freaky Insider Members hands before Christmas.

We will keep you posted on when the first limited supply will be available.
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how do I get on the list

Postby louis scrivani » Mon Apr 24, 2006 4:04 pm

Hello, how would I get on the list to hopefully get the enzymes? Thanks, Louis
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Postby fitnessgirl » Sat May 06, 2006 6:18 am


The enzymes are available right now at
We have 40 bottles left and expect to sell them out by the end of the weekend.
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