Cooking meats   

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Cooking meats

Postby VicCurry » Fri Sep 09, 2005 9:59 pm

Hey fitnessgirl,

In the megabolic meal menus there is ground turkey and salmon and chicken breast. WHat is the best way to cook all of these? Im not a cooking guy and dont have a barbecue set.
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Postby fitnessgirl » Mon Sep 12, 2005 4:15 am

A good choice for fish is to steam it. If you have an electric steamer or willing to buy one ( $30) then just add your favourite spices and celtic salt on top and let it steam (about 20 minutes maybe less - it will say on the insturctions for the steamer). You can steam chiken and turkey as well just cut it in cubes or thin strips also 20-30 minutes
Other choice would be to bake them. Turkey and chicken require a little bit of water in a baking dish, again put your spices on top, cover and let it bake 20-30 minutes.
Salmon does not need water but you can add some as well to keep moisture in. A nice way of baking salmon is to cover the top of it with thin slices of lemon once you added your spices. You have to watch your salmon and not leave to long in the oven so it does not dry out.
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Postby DavidHoshour » Mon Sep 12, 2005 4:43 am

What about the enzyme content of the cooked meats, and fish? And the now dead protein? Is it still good without the living enzymes? And the correct electrical charge? Especially compared to living plant proteins. Or is it OK in moderation and when taken with food enzymes. I think I'm getting too much information now because I'm starting to get confused.
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Postby fitnessgirl » Mon Sep 12, 2005 5:28 am


Cooked food does not have the enzymes - the protein is dead protein not live. There is no electical charge in anyhting cooked. Live protein is much better for everything - your health, your growth, even your clarity of mind. There is no comaparison between live plant sources of protein and cooked and processed once. If you rely on cooked food only your system will get slaggish and intestinal toximia is enevitable.
However, it is hard for people to switch to raw foods right away because it will triger massive detox, which your body is not capable to
deal with at this stage. So it is better to gradually add more and more live raw sources of protein or any raw food to your daily regimen. Also as we said several time as you make an effort to eat better and add these live raw foods into your diet , you will become healthier and more alkaline and your body will tell you what it needs and when it needs it.

So to answear your question yes it is okey to eat cooked proteins. A good ratio of raw to cooked food is 80% to 20%. Take it one thing at a time. For now try to add more raw foods to your diet, take hemp protein regulary and enjoy your life. :wink:

Hope this helps.
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Postby WadeLightheart » Mon Sep 12, 2005 7:36 pm

Well said Fitness Girl.

This brings up an important point I would like to address. Keep in mind when I give recommendations, write a book, create a program etc. Each one has a specific purpose based on the time, the place, who I am addressing, and for what purpose.

Training, eating, etc is a dynamic not a static process. So in other words your constantly evolving as you gain more information, as you adjust to tougher programs, as your body gets healthier, as your food requirements etc change.

One of the reasons I don't go in deep on detailing supplements is that I want you guys to get the basics of proper training and eating down first.

And folks this in itself is a monumental task that takes time.

As you progress and master basic principles I give you more and more information and advanced strategies etc. We all must learn to walk first before we run.

The insider club will be the next level from here and the gloves come off as I get tougher, stricter, and deeper in my explanations because the people who survive and master the FBN foundation training and eating are qualified to get the next level of information.

There are no short cuts- everybody earns there way.

Keep asking, and integrating information guys as knowledge and experience are the real path to success but passion will clear the road of debris...
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