Why do most of the vegetarians look so PUNY?

Every wonder why vegetarians look so puny?
Have you ever wondered why old people
lose so much muscle?

At a raw food event, a half a dozen guys
came up to us with the same painful story:

“Bro, I cut out the meat and I lost 20 lbs of muscle.”

Fortunately for them — I have an answer.

Most people don’t know it but I have been
a vegetarian for over 12 years.

In fact, I won all my national championships
on a completely plant based diet.

Winning bodybuilding championships requires
a lot of muscles and that’s extra tough when
you’re on a plant based diet.

The truth is, I had a secret weapon and
I have been using it for years.

Check it out here:

Now, most of you eat meat. And that’s cool.

There’s just 1 thing I really want you to understand.

When you eat COOKED meat, your body STRUGGLES
to break that down. It robs it’s internal enzyme supply
to do that job.

What’s the solution? It’s simple… Just consume
a few Masszymes capsules with each meal.

I suggest 5 to 10 depending on how much meat you’re eating.

You’ll get WAY more anabolic growth
from your protein (even the powder)
with Masszymes.

Test it out for yourself:

Live Large,


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