What is Overtonus? Overtrained, and coming back

Matt myself, and two other Amigos
are busting out new intensity records
at the gym these days.

On top of that, Matt and I have reduced
our eating “window” to about a 6 hour
period, with calories slashed to the bone.

It’s basically taking our bodies to the
absolute edge of training volume, intensity,
and calorie deprecation.

The GOOD news is we are dropping fat at
ridiculous rates. The BAD news is we are
on the edge of overtraining.

How do we know?

Years of training has taught me the fine line
between optimum training and overtraining -
better stated as “under-recovery”.

The first sign is lack of gym motivation – we
are okay there, so we know it’s the volume
or intensity that’s hurting us.

Second sign is the conditioning of the

When you’re not recovering from your workouts
because of lack of calories, proteins, carbs
and fats, your muscles begin to take a smooth,
jelly-like appearance.

Vince Gironda “the Iron Guru” first coined this
as OVERTONUS. He would then back off the
volume of training, switch the diet of his clients,
or order a rest.


…it’s two weeks until we appear at the
Raw Living Expo in Sedona, so rest is
NOT an option.

Our strategy is to expand our protein intake
and nutrient intake by adding TWO EXTRA
Protein Breakthrough shakes per day
for 1 day, and adding a super-powered
rolfing/massage, acupressure treatment.

We are also pounding Masszymes, Kangen Water,
and a super powered vitamin and mineral blend.

Just thinking about it makes me feel better.

I’ll report in a few days or so what our results are.

The other thing we will likely add is a big spike
in Calories on Sunday.

This will fill up intracellular glycogen levels and
intracellular fat levels, make the muscles harder,
the skin tighter, and give a fuller, more intense
‘pump’ during next week’s workouts.

Oh yeah, next week we are cranking UP the
volume some more before we begin a ramp down,
with an intense 2-3 day super cleanse.

More on that later.

Bottom line is this…

Most people are conditioned to think overtraining
is a bad thing.

I want to share with you that taking your training to
the edge for *short* periods of times, then adjusting
the diet, the training volume, and the recovery
modalities is what separates the people who get
the *most* out of their physiques, with those that
spin their wheels for years.

Excellence in EVERY endeavour is as much an
art as it is a science.

Don’t get sucked into mediocrity,
push yourself to the next level
get resourceful when you’re on the edge.

Your body will thank you. And your friends
will be amazed at your continuous gains and
ever-expanding knowledge of your physical capacities.

Train Hard.
Train Often.
Live Large.

Wade T. Lightheart
a.k.a the Raw Champion

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