The effects of soy on testosterone levels

Have you ever had a friend hit you with
a question you couldn’t answer?


Maybe you were told by one health expert
one thing and then a news report, friend or
doctor told you a completely opposite information?

It’s tough trying to figure things out when
you have so much conflicting information which
may lead to a dysfunctional condition I see many
suffering from which I call “Analysis Paralysis”.


One of my good friends was asked about the
effects of soy on testosterone levels.

His friend told him that soy didn’t affect testosterone levels
and so he thought he would ask a guy that has been on a completely
plant based diet for over 13 years and is considered one of the
leading plant based performance coaches in the world.

If you haven’t figured it out… that guy is me!

But all shameless promotions aside, wonky estrogen
and testosterone levels are plaguing men all over
the planet, and it’s ruining romantic relationships
and wreaking havoc on the health and happiness of
millions of people.

We always joke around about the influence of testosterone
on our reptilian brains and how, as men, we need to manage
high testosterone levels in a productive way.

Yet many men today are suffering from really low
testosterone levels and high estrogen levels.

As a man in his 5th decade, I noticed not that long ago that
my own testosterone levels had dropped below optimum levels
and I sought and found a natural way to fix it.

Thank God I did because truth be told, although I love being
an open hearted and caring guy who can enjoy a good chick flick
with my girlfriend, I still love the feeling of high
testosterone to estrogen ratio level.

An optimal ratio gives you confidence, increased libido,
and a lower chance of disease, not to mention a better chance
at earning more money and having a greater sense of well-being.

So for all those men and the ladies that love you!

I put this article together to set the record straight.



Make no mistake, soy proteins will contribute to
lower levels of testosterone and higher levels
of estrogen. Over time, this will lead to
massive problems with digestion.

As a plant-based high-performance coach,
I have dealt with countless subjects who
have used soy-based proteins as a source
of protein.

In almost all of the cases, these individuals had
dysfunctional hormonal levels, which included
a high level of estrogen to testosterone ratio.

The side effects were increased water and higher
than normal body fat levels as well as decreased libido,
fertility and energy levels.

They also had a higher rate of digestive discomfort and
incontinence than the individuals I coach who do not use
these products.

Almost all of the soybeans used today in soy products are
genetically modified even if they say they’re not.

I’m not willing to roll the dice on unproven genetically modified
foods and I’m not willing to take chances with my clients ‘health
and well-being either.

Soy contains approximately 13 enzyme inhibitors which directly
make the protein very hard to assimilate and exhausts precious
enzymatic reserves in order to digest this protein.


For the most potent cultured enzyme containing the world’s most
powerful protease formulation pick up a bottle of Masszymes.

Formulated, tested and designed by Wade T Lightheart – 3 Time All
Natural Canadian Bodybuilding Champion.

Masszymes contains a 3-stage protease formulation that makes up
55% Proteases, 3.0, 4.5 and 6.0 plus all of the enzyme precursors
and enhancers only the top cultured enzymes contain. It also
contains Amylase and Lipase.

See how a few caps of it can digest a bowl of oatmeal into liquid
in just 2 minutes.

Here’s the Youtube link for the video. It’s crazy!

Go here to have your bottle delivered right to your door:

In Asia where it’s consumed the most, it’s fermented prior to
consumption. But in North American diets and most of the other parts
of the world, the soy has never been fermented and retains all of
its to estrogenic factors.

Years ago I experimented with soy protein consuming
25 g per day for a period of 90 days.

It was purported at the time that soy would improve thyroid
functioning and increase body fat lipolysis.

My own research determined that that wasn’t the case and
there was absolutely no benefit on my body fat levels.

I noticed digestive problems including excessive gas, diarrhea
and massive water retention under the skin and in the lower abdomen
within a week of consuming soy products.

Even today, a little soy in a latte is enough to start me sneezing
or throw my water retention out of balance.

Like the individual in one of the reports in the articles below,
I also noticed an increase in sensitivity of the breast tissue
under my nipples when I consumed soy-based products.

The problem went away within about 30 days after I ceased to
consume soy-based products during the experiment above.

Like many men approximately (1 and 10) I have a tendency for
aromatization of chemicals into estrogens.

One of the reasons for this anomaly is that I have abnormally high
DHEA levels which are associated with longevity in pituitary

The excess DHEA can be converted in either testosterone enhancing
hormones or estrogen enhancing hormones in the body depending on
diet and the amount of chemicals you are exposed to.

The whole process was mapped out for me clearly last year
by my naturopathic doctor Dr. Seema Kanwall at the Balance Clinic,
a specialty clinic for hormone regulation functioning and enhancement
in Vancouver BC.

To increase my testosterone levels, enhance libido and improve my
muscularity here’s what I did:

→ I increased my consumption of a hemp-based protein product
that I was using called protein breakthrough along with
the use of an enzyme and estrogen inhibitor by life extension.

→ I combined those products with an increased consumption
of essential fatty acid products to the tune of 25 g of
extra essential fatty acids in my diet per day and
regular exposure to sunlight on my body.

With the above combination of ergogenic aids, I was able
to shift my testosterone to estrogen ratio from a four to one
level which is on the bottom end of the optimal scale to a
6 to 1 level which is on the high-end of the optimal scale
in less than 90 days.

Bottom line for men concerned about testosterone and estrogen
levels in the body, I would avoid soy completely, consume a diet
rich in essential fatty acids as well as multiple daily servings
of the hemp based protein such as protein breakthrough.

The addition of testosterone precursors such as pine pollen
is also advised for men suffering with low testosterone levels
and low libido.

Pine pollen has been used in our Aryuvedic medicine for
thousands of years and I have experienced extraordinary
results using pine pollen over the last 6 months in
conjunction with my diet.

For men over 40, for an added boost I would add the
GH Maximizer and the GH X-celerator by Masszymes Inc
that also stimulate GH production which all of my buddies
who are over 40 have reported to increase fat metabolism
particularly in the lower abdomen area.

Dietary supplementation of masszymes also enhanced
protein absorption and metabolism, reduces flatulence
and increases muscle building and recovery potential
of all who have consumed it.

People often wonder how I was able to win multiple
national bodybuilding championships without drugs
and without consuming meat.

I did it by trial and error testing, by developing
nutritional supplements that enhanced and optimized the
body’s function, and by solid hard and intense training
over a long period of time.

There’s no escaping the hard work and discipline it takes
to build a great physique. Diet and exercise are still and
always will be the biggest precursors to a great physique.

In today’s highly toxic, overly-chemicalized-estrogen-loaded
world, we need all the assistance we can get to remain what
essentially makes us men. Testosterone!

As a plant based high-performance coach, I’m drawing these
conclusions from over 13 years of experience coaching tens of
thousands of people from around the world.

Bottom line, get rid of the soy, pump up the hemp protein and
if you’re struggling to get your hormones in balance – use naturally
occurring and available estrogen blockers, testosterone enhancers
and cultured plant enzymes on a massive scale to improve your
body’s ability to build muscle and burn fat.

For more answers, articles and integrations from the world of
health and fitness, go to my website and fill out your name and
email and get on my free newsletter.

Happy hormones and healthy training,
Live well,
Give more.

Most of all stay Awesome!!!

Wade T Lighthart CSNA
Advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute
Three-time All-Natural Bodybuilding Champion of Canada and
Mr.Universe competitor.
Author of Staying Alive in a Toxic World

P.S. If you need coaching or have questions on how to remove estrogens from your diet, increase your testosterone levels naturally, or just improve your muscularity, send me an email to [email protected] and we will discuss how I can help you overcome this challenge in your life.

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