Swallowed 500 pills? Insanity? Or Genius?

Have you ever seen someone overdose on a drug?
I have and it’s not pretty.

What would you do if you saw someone swallowing what
you thought was a lethal dose of a drug in front of you?

Would you stop them?

Would you freeze?

Would you start laughing?

I have been in the above situations and I certainly
wouldn’t wish it on anybody. In fact, I wish you never
have to experience anything close to it and if you have,
I can empathize to your situation.

You might be wondering what does all this
have to do with today’s email?

A few months ago I was giving a seminar and I broke open
a full 500 capsule bottle of masszymes.

First, I took two caps and stirred them into a bowl
of hard cooked oatmeal; and then while the caps were
liquefying the oatmeal right in the bowl, I downed the
entire bottle.

The crowd first started to stare, some snickered,
some ladies got this weird look on their faces.

Then I cracked open the second bottle and started stuffing
them in my mouth and washing them down with water.

People shrieked, some laughed, some continued to stare
in disbelief thinking I might die.

Guess what?

I didn’t die, but I did feel pretty amazing!

I then explained how Masszymes, unlike any other vitamin
or mineral, can be consumed in large does, and will always
be absorbed into the body.

That no matter how many of these little pills you took,
your body would put them to use – whether it was digesting
old undigested food, repairing scar tissue, rebuilding muscle,
or assisting the liver in eliminating a lifetime of toxins.

(In an upcoming email I will share with you how Masszymes
helped me remove super toxic poison from my body in a
dramatic fashion).

My point is whether you cleansing, building more muscle
or trying to heal from a serious disease, you need massive
amounts of enzymes to get the job done.

My suggested dosage is at least 12 capsules day.
And if you really want to feel the power of enzymes,
do 50 capsules a day.

Score your supply here:

The top doctors in the world use enzymes
for all sorts of healing functions.
Although not as popular here in North America
where pharmaceuticals have achieved an almost
cult-like status with the population.

Enzyme therapy has been used as a viable way to
heal and regenerate the body for over a 100 years.

While I can’t legally report the miracles I have seen with
Masszymes supplementation, I can at least say this…

Masszymes helped me capture 2 of my 3 National Bodybuilding
titles. It helped me recover from serious toxicity, absorb more
protein from my diet and it’s helped thousands of people all around
the world live a healthier, more productive life.

The best news is you can’t take too many.

That’s why many of our clients consume 3 bottles a month.

If you want to feel super power energies get your supply here:

Live well, love life, be awesome…

Wade Lightheart, CSNA
3 Time National Natural Bodybuilding Champion
Advisor to American Anti Cancer Institute

P.S. Tomorrow I will share with you an interview I did
with Human Potential Researcher Ronnie Landis on the
role of enzymes for healthy high performance.

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