Sun, fun, and a heck of a training run

¡Hola, mi amigo!

That’s Spanish for “hello, my friend”
in case you didn’t know.

Why am I talking Spanish?

Because I am down here in sunny Panama
with my good buddy and Muscle Mastery
co-creator, Matt Gallant.

It’s super hot down here and the perfect
environment for hitting the gym hard,
burning fat, and getting that all important

It’s less than 3 weeks until the
Raw Living Expo in Sedona, AZ.

As you may know, I will be giving the keynote speech
on how to build muscle, burn fat, and look your best
on a plant-based diet.

I sure hope you can hang with us at
the event as it’s going to be EPIC.

And if you get a chance, feel free to cast a vote for me
for male athlete of the year:

(Click the ‘Male Athlete tab’, Scroll down to me -
I am at the bottom of the page – and cast your vote).

But back to the sun, and fun.

There’s nothing like a deadline to get you motivated,
and I highly encourage you to set physique goals
that create public accountability.

Shows, weddings, reunions or public events of all kinds
are amazing for leveraging your ego FOR YOU
(instead of against you).

Deadlines focus intensity. And if you
stack that deadline with accountability
with your training partners, it becomes
even more powerful.

Matt is a fantastic training partner, and
our collective energy has us both pushing
each other in a fun and supportive way.

Over the last few months Matt and I have
trained more together than we have in years.
And we are both getting epic results. That’s
the power of training partners.

I can hardly wait for my next workouts, and
we both encourage you to find yourself a
committed partner, set a physique deadline,
and hit your next big level of accomplishment.

The great news is you’re not wasting time on
figuring WHAT you need to do. You can simply
follow everything we have laid out for you in
your weekly program.

Sign up for the free program here:


Okay gotta run cause it’s time to hit the gym

See you soon,


P.S.  Don’t forget to vote -
Male Athlete,
Wade Lightheart

(Click the ‘Male Athlete tab’, Scroll down to me -
I am at the bottom of the page – and cast your vote).


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