Spiking, Fasting, and Cleansing: advanced strategies for slicing up to single digits

Happy Chinese New Year!

If you have fallen back on your
recent new years goals, here’s a
great opportunity to hit the RESET
button and set a new set of goals.

As for me, Matt and I just finished
our last Spike Day before Sedona.

Sometimes, this is called a RE-FEED
day, Loading Day, ‘pig out day’ or a
cheat day.

I prefer to use a positive word for the
day like loading, spike, or re-feed.

Mind state is everything. And I always
want to be telling my subconscious positive
messages instead of negative messages.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun eating food that
we don’t normally eat, even caught a movie
called Cloud Atlas (which is about people being
connected through multiple lifetimes).

Matt and I love it!!!

Anyways back to message…

We have been in a calorie deficit for several
weeks, and we boosted the training volume
even higher. So to keep the metabolism from
slowing down, we hit a high calorie day with
lots of carbs and fats.

Both of us were sweating like crazy all day,
and our muscles swelled with all the extra
glycogen and water.

Even this morning I am still cooking.

Now, today we will cut the calories back to the
bone, and we will extend our training week for
5 straight days.

On the last day, we are going to begin a three-day
cleanse and fast, to get every gram of glycogen
*out* of the body.

We are also going to clean out our digestive system
with extra enzymes, probiotics, and intestinal cleansing
herbs. Along with Gallons of Kangen Water.

It’s likely by the end of the week both of us will be
down 2-3 % body fat, and down somewhere between
5-10 pounds.

The weight lost will be fat, mucoid plaque and water.

And when we kick up the food again on Monday and
Tuesday we should add about 2-3 pounds back, but
keep the fat off!

Keep in mind, this system of advanced weight loss,
spiking and cleansing will only work if you are dieting
for a while and you use *all* the tools.

The last few days will be very challenging, as we go
deep into ketosis – so we don’t have a whole lot of
mentally or physically taxing plans for those days.

We will keep you posted on the results, and share
with you more tips in the coming emails.

Talk to you soon!

Wade T Lightheart

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