Slim down for summer and have your revenge on the Easter Bunny

Did you follow the chocolate rabbit into the pit of lard?

I love chocolate and I’ve been known to devour a few
rabbits each year.

The good thing is that I’ve got secret weapons that
activate my fat-burning, muscle-building hormones.

First: when I’m craving chocolate I slam back a
Chocolate Protein Breakthrough.


Chocolate Cravings crumble!

If you haven’t tried it get on it today.

It’s amazing! Better yet it won’t make you fat like
the easter chocolate bunnies.

Anyways, a lot of people gain weight when they
eat chocolate, because of the release of insulin
when you consume sugar – and that makes you fatter

Now, here’s a big secret used by the top bodybuilders in
the world to build a LOT of muscle mass fast.

  1. Crank up insulin
  2. Crank up HGH

The combination of the two is one of the most
anabolic 1-2 knockout punches you can deliver. It puts
catabolism into a coma, and ramps up anabolism to
the “zamner zone” (beyond the beyond).



GH kickstarts all your fat burning hormones, such as
leptin, IGF-1 and Glucagon (the critical chemical
that metabolizes fat). It’s also why it’s easier to
stay leaner when you’re younger.

The problem is that it drops like a rock after 28.

As we age, GH levels go in the toilet, the belly
fat starts to rise, the sex drive lowers, and our
sleep and recovery starts to diminish too.

Now, if you’ve seen all the latest Hollywood celebs
looking good in their old age… Have you seen Sly Stallone?

They’re all on expensive GH replacement therapy.

The problem is it costs a small fortune, and it’s possibly
dangerous – especially long term. The upside is it WORKS,
and that’s why everyone from NFL football players to
middle age women are taking this stuff.

But before you run to your local anti-aging doctor to get
a stash, you need to try our all Natural GH releasing

Yep. We found a way to help your body raise GH, IGF-1
and ALL of your fat burning hormones — NATURALLY.

Get your supply here:

Dedicated to your results,

Wade Lightheart
3-Time National Natural Champion

P.S. Over the last year, Matt and I have experimented
with optimizing this all-natural cycle, and have found
that a 3-month cycle is perfect for burning fat and
leaning out.

Since it’s almost summer time, it’s a great time to jump
on board and build some lean muscle mass, while shedding
some of that winter lard.

Get the program now at huge savings:

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